AG Jeff Sessions must go,there is a deep state connection,AG Sessions knows if Congress digs too deep the Department of Justice will be exposed.

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If there are no longer any legitimate federal laws in America... there are only Washington D.C. tyrants who selectively apply the illusion of law to their political enemies while ignoring all the same written laws for their political pals. When the top law enforcement official(Attorney General Jeff Sessions)for a nation takes to the public stage and declares that clearly written, unambiguous laws NO LONGER APPLY TO THOSE IN POWER, then the very construct of a law-abiding society has been evacuated and nullified.

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to follow the law, then why should anybody else?

As reported by The National Sentinel, the lawmakers – led by House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio – accused Rosenstein of intentionally withholding documents and information from Congress; failing to comply with congressional subpoenas; and abusing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court.

In addition, Rosenstein signed the third of three FISA applications used to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, even though Republicans note he was aware that the warrant applications relied heavily on the phony-baloney “Russia dossier” paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

It was Rosenstein who then appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the wholly fabricated narrative of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice — further hampering POTUS Trump in his ability to run the country and conduct foreign policy,” The National Sentinel reported.

President Donald Trump's campaign manager called on his boss Tuesday to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Brad Parscale, who led digital efforts for Trump's 2016 campaign, is heading the president's re-election effort.Drew Angerer / Getty Images file

"Time to fire Sessions End the Mueller investigation," Brad Parscale wrote in a tweet. "You can’t obstruct something that was phony against you The IG report gives @realDonaldTrump the truth to end it all."

Jeff Sessions,should resign, and if he does not resign, he should be fired by Trump.

The Justice Department is “stone-walling,” slow-walking, and ignoring requests of Congress for information. Information that Congress is legally entitled to see. In other words, the Justice Department is obstructing rightful and constitutionally legal supervision of its activities.

There is extensive evidence that the high echelon tier of the FBI and the Justice Department officials have acted in an illegal manner.These illegalities include allowing Hillary Clinton to sell the Russians 20 percent of American uranium, used to make atomic weapons, and resulting in a bogus investigation of Hillary Clinton and her cronies. It is no wonder the Justice Department is denying access. The corruption is out of control,furthermore there is a deep state connection and AG Sessions knows if Congress digs too deep the Department of Justice will be exposed.

The "IG report" Parscale referred to is the Department of Justice inspector general's report that faulted then-FBI Director James Comey for violating protocol in publicly discussing the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email and his handling of a related disclosure about information found on former Rep. Anthony Weiner's laptop.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions must resign, Or Trump Should Fire The MIA AG,ASAP...

While the inspector general found no evidence that decisions in the Clinton email probe were made based on the bias of FBI employees, the report noted that text messages from FBI agent Peter Strzok displayed bias against then-candidate Donald Trump.

The IG found that a probe into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia was prioritized over the Weiner laptop investigation during the stretch run of the 2016 election. But the IG's office did not delve into the Russia probe, as Inspector General Michael Horowitz said in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday.
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