/ Attorney General Jeff Sessions must resign

Attorney General Jeff Sessions must resign, Or Trump Should Fire The MIA AG,ASAP...

For months it’s been clear that AG Sessions is a total failure. He recused himself and then hired crook Rod Rosenstein as Asst AG who then created the crooked Mueller investigation. If this republic is to continue, Sessions must go!

If Sessions really wanted to make headway, he would have started arresting people like Clapper, Brennon, Lynch, Jarret, and Comey for perjury and obstruction, for starters.

One video on the Internet explains Sessions’ immense failures. (The only point not relevant is related to the suggestion of moving DOJ official Rachel Brand up to oversee the Mueller investigation.

There is no question in my mind" that Sessions should resign, Fordham Law professor Russell Pearce, a revered expert in legal ethics and one of the signers of the complaint against Conway, tells Rolling Stone. "The attorney general of the United States should be above any appearance of impropriety."

Asked what it would mean for the legal profession if an ethics complaint like the one against Conway is made and the bar does nothing, Pearce says, "If the disciplinary authorities ignore this, shame on them. They make a mockery of our ethics rules if they don't apply to the attorney general of the United States."

Indeed, if Congress is too spineless or the Justice Department too compromised to investigate allegations of perjury from our highest officials, the bar may be the only guardians of the truth we have left.

With people like Sessions and Gowdy as the republican heavy hitters, its amazing that Nunes is doing so well.What Sessions should do is start arresting these people and then the DC Courts can pronounce them all innocent, then no matter what corruption or malfeasance is found from now until the end of time, Hillary, Comey, Obama, McCabe, Lynch, etc, can thumb their noses at us and sue us under their Constitutional protections against Double Jeopardy. These people will literally be running to the DC courtrooms to take their Double Jeopardy Baths if Sessions is this foolish. No one can ever get a "conviction against these people in a DC courtroom". It is time for serious people to give serious consideration to how we do put these people behind bars. The DC Grand Jury that Mueller has empanelled looks like an ANTIFA Mob.

Military tribunals as the only way to get justice,we are talking sedition and treason here,this is war for our democracy.Trump has skillfully exposed Democrats' insanity and intransigence through his generous deal offers, and made them responsible for the DACA fiasco. Also recall the immense odds against him and the huge amount of cleaning up and reshaping work of corrupted institutions that needs to be done. Has any other President ever done so much in one year? GOD Man...

If this republic is to continue, Sessions must go...

If there are no longer any legitimate federal laws in America... there are only Washington D.C. tyrants who selectively apply the illusion of law to their political enemies while ignoring all the same written laws for their political pals. When the top law enforcement official(Attorney General Jeff Sessions)for a nation takes to the public stage and declares that clearly written, unambiguous laws NO LONGER APPLY TO THOSE IN POWER, then the very construct of a law-abiding society has been evacuated and nullified.

Simply put, if Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to follow the law, then why should anybody else?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions must resign, Or Trump Should Fire The MIA AG,ASAP...

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