Civil War can be avoided,both Democrat and Republican must stop the division politics...

HNewsWire-Every time a political leader, pundit, or celebrity sows division it puts us closer to the reality of another American Civil War. Even small potatoes bloggers like myself are guilty of it, though we don’t normally reach the eyes and ears of millions.

The opposite seems to be true in American politics. We engage in hero worship with our favorite politicians and turn our hate toward fellow Americans. So when I hear messages of “they are wrong and we are right” I try to keep this in mind.

The ruling class wants nothing more than for you and I to hate each other over differences of opinion. When we hate each other, we become their pawns. We are the puppets. They are the puppet masters.

So instead of what can cause the war, a better question is how can it be avoided? The fate of the nation rests on this election and the losing side is not going to accept the results. Simple as that. In fact the wide spread election fraud itself might be the trigger for a shooting war to start.

Is civil war desirable? Of course not. It'd destabilize the world, and likely trigger WW III. Best case scenario 20 million Americans die. Worst case over 90 million. Includes refugee losses, collateral casualties and deaths by disease and starvation caused by destruction of infrastructure.

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