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(Tweeter)The Dead Bird show its true colors..

The Daily Beast reports that its staff was successful in launching ad campaigns on Twitter using terms like "wetback" and "Nazi" to target particular audiences. When purchasing ads, Twitter's platform asks advertisers to select keywords that aid in helping the site place ads in front of relevant users. When Daily Beast reporters typed "wetback" into this feature, Twitter informed them that 26.3 million users might respond to that term. Similarly, it said 18.6 million accounts would probably be interested in the term "Nazi." After confirming that their ad campaigns were successful, The Daily Beast terminated each of them.

ProPublica found that Facebook allows ads to be targeted at users based on antisemitic keywords and BuzzFeed has reported that Google similarly allows ads to be targeted through racist and hateful phrases. So, it probably shouldn't be a surprise at this point that it turns out Twitter is laden with similar issues.

Twitter's ad policy notes that it prohibits the promotion of hate content and says that advertisers are responsible for their own ads. And while in its policies for keyword targeting, Twitter states that racial or ethnic origin categories can't be included, hate speech isn't specifically mentioned.

We've reached out to Twitter for a comment and we'll update this post when we receive more information.
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(HNewsWire.com)Once again twitter has confirmed the hypocrisy of the tyrant social media platform twitter. HNewswire.com Confirmed In the article dated June 2016 that twitter was shadow banning HNewsWire account. Stevieray Hansen reported 3.6K subscribers HNewsWire can confirm each time we posted a article on twitter about five subscribers got HNewsWire's tweet, Obviously the powers to be at twitter considered our message inappropriate for most subscribers on twitter. As noted when it suits their pocketbook Twitter used terms like (Wet back) (Nazi) Etc. when the messaging is truthful about Islam, homosexuality or the loony left Twitter shadow banned Excessively".Once the American public realizes no one on twitter will get a message of truth out on twitter's platform,their shadow banned game will be over it's a huge waste of time", GAB is free speech platform of the future....

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