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DNC: Texas is going blue, just not in our life time...

HNewsWire-The mainstream media spends the majority of their time working on stupid little projects they think the American people care about, i.e. Trumps past as a single man in New York, or acting like a fortuneteller predicting Texas will go blue this election cycle,Texans are waiting by the way!..

The tabloids,CNN,MSLSD,CBS,NBC,ABC and on occasion Fox News(Shepard Smith) have a hard time grasping "Reality" The Oscars had the worst readings ever and that made it a newsworthy mention, yet the mainstream media ignored the story. The facts are, the mainstream media has an agenda, their base is the ugly left and they will bankrupt
their perspective media networks to pander to that base. CNN is committed to trumped up charges, lies and fake news stories in an effort to unseat a duly elected president of this country.

CNN rails after local news anchors are ‘forced’ to do PSA’s bashing biased, false reporting by national networks.

The media’s “untouchable” self-image apparently runs all the way down to local news.

On Wednesday, Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” penned a critical report on Sinclair Broadcasting’s recent “journalistic responsibility message”–accusing the news company of pushing “pro-Trump propaganda.” Read More


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