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Facebook Donated Hundreds of Thousands to Senators Grilling Zuckerberg, bought and paid for off the backs of the American people....

HNewsWire Commentary-So we have the inmates running the insane asylum today on the Senate floor, yesterday it was the Congressman's that showed their complete disdain for the American people by giving Zuckerberg softball questions. The swamp has played a big part in the dumbing down of America's moral compass, in the case of the Senators and Congressmen they show very little moral stability to hold their position as America's elected spokesman, send them home packing their lunch, they have became filthy rich on the backs of the American people.Every year, members of US Congress are required to report on the value of their households’ income and assets. The data reveal that the lawmakers, who just passed a massive tax cut, are a very rich bunch. vote these bloodsuckers out.

Facebook and entities associated with it have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Senators who will grill CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday afternoon.

Zuckerberg will appear before a joint session of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Tuesday afternoon. According to a USA Today analysis, based on data from the Center for Responsive Politics, lawmakers on the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee received $369,000 from Facebook and groups aligned with it since 2007. Facebook has reportedly donated $235,000 over the same period to Senators on the Judiciary Committee.

Facebook donated the most to lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee ($381,000), which will question Zuckerberg on Wednesday. In fact, just 9 out of 55 Members on this year’s House Energy and Commerce Committee have not received any contributions from Facebook.
Lawmakers on the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee received the second-most Facebook contributions since 2007.

In addition to donating to influential lawmakers who had jurisdiction over the company, Facebook is also reportedly looking to hire even more lobbyists from the D.C. Swamp as the company faces intense scrutiny regarding various privacy-related scandals.Source


It is time to call the tech companies to account. In the space of just ten years, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have become the biggest companies on the planet and have accrued a level of power that threatens us all. They control our data, warp our democratic discourse, and exert increasing dominance over our markets. No wonder we are in the middle of a long-awaited ‘techlash’ against the technology giants. Look at the EU’s recent crackdown on tax avoidance by Amazon and Apple, or its record €2.4 billion fine of Google. In the UK, the Committee on Standards in Public Life has just set out guidelines for prosecuting web giants such as Facebook, arguing that they are publishers, not mere ‘platforms’, and therefore responsible for the content they host. Through the influence of ‘network effects’ (whereby the first to dominate a market reaps almost all the rewards), these companies have snuffed out the competition. This matters to everyone – not simply for the sake of healthy markets, but for the democratic wellbeing of all of us. The power of these companies lies not just in their size, but in the 21st century’s most valuable asset, data, the oil of the digital economy, which the tech companies extract freely from us, the users. With so much data and power centralised in the hands of a few West Coast companies, the tech giants have become a serious threat to our basic freedoms and must be broken up.


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