Google Search Term Results Show Establishment's All Out War On White Christians Has Been Kicked Into Overdrive...

As we read in this recent story from Breitbart and hear in the first video below from Fox News, according to Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher, the recent horrific church shooting in Texas can be blamed upon 'whiteness'. Openly calling for 'white genocide', if a patriotic, white American were to call for 'black genocide', they'd be strung up on the internet and in the court of public opinion by their heels and beaten until dead.

Why is there now such a huge difference in America about what is accepted conversation, with millions on the left who call themselves 'accepting' and 'tolerant' liberals still leaving nearly 50% of the US population out of their 'web of tolerance and acceptance' with their near total hatred of conservatives? We're not the least bit surprised by the results in this recent poll by the CATO Institute which show a much larger percentage of conservatives are tolerant of their liberal co-workers and neighbors than liberals are tolerant of their conservatives co-workers and neighbors.




The 2nd video below is titled "The Satanic War On The Christian" within which our videographers reveal the shocking reality of this supernatural battle we’re in as Christians, but it also exposes the seductive weapons, traps, and attacks the devil and his evil emissaries use against us to keep us from becoming a mighty army for Almighty God.

The final video below is a must-watch called 'White Genocide' and while some still might call 'white genocide' a 'conspiracy theory', we hope that the information shared within this story and from our readers in the comment section below will convince 'doubters' that what we're witnessing is not only very real but is a sinister plan that's being carried out right now and before our very eyes.

As this recent story from the Daily Caller reports, judging by what we're witnessing now in South Africa and across Europe and right here in America, the hatred towards whiteness is here to stay and along with it, “the black criminal collective consciousness understands whites are now historical fair game.” With antifa apparently thinking the same way about conservatives and anybody else who doesn't spew hatred of conservatives the way they do, we can thank the mainstream media and the huge majority of the Democratic party and 'establishment apparatus' for what comes next with the word 'diversity' their code word for 'white genocide'.

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