I lost my daughter to foster care. I then saw her for sale on Craigslist, Please help me #SaveHailee....

HNewsWire-The hypocrisy of the state authorities taking children from homes then placing them in environments(Foster care) that reek with abuse. This is just one story that shows the complete hypocrisy of state officials that claim to be taking children from homes that are at risk. Over 70% of the children involved in sex trafficking in this country come from the foster care system.

While you might think that human trafficking is an international problem, the 11 worst states for human trafficking in America would beg to differ. Human trafficking is the vilest of crimes. What makes it even worse is the fact that many of the victims are generally poor and underaged. After all, almost half of the victims in this crime industry are below the age of 18. Another damning statistic shows that 25 percent of the children sampled (children who had run away) had dealt with sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. And yes, most of the human trafficking victims in the world are used for sexual purposes, which strips away their youth and innocence and leaves them with memories that no person, let alone a child, should ever have to experience.

For help in in relocating a child at risk please contact: the127.org


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