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London’s murder rate has now surpassed that of New York City should disprove the fallacious argument that gun bans lead to lower violent crime...

HNewsWire-LONDON — When British police launched a murder investigation Tuesday into the shooting death of a 17-year-old girl it pushed the homicide rate in Britain's capital to a new, troubling milestone: London's murder rate surpassed New York City's for the first time.

London tallied 15 murders in February and 22 in March, slightly more than New York City for the same two months, which logged 14 in February and 21 in March, according to murder rate statistics provided to USA TODAY by London's Metropolitan Police and the New York Police Department.

Progressive gun control advocates here in America will often point to the gun ban imposed in the United Kingdom as an excellent example of how significantly restricting the right of citizens to lawfully possess most firearms will lead to a safe and violence-free Utopia of sorts.

Common sense dictates that such an assertion is patently false, but now there are factual numbers coming out of the city of London cited by Fox News disprove the ludicrous assumption that banning guns makes citizens safer.

In the month of February, the city of London officially surpassed the city of New York in terms of its murder rate for the first time in modern history.

Furthermore, while the murder rate in NYC has declined by nearly 90 percent in the past 30 years, murder and other violent crimes are on the rise in London.

The shocking story of historical significance was first reported by The U.K. Sunday Times, which noted that London suffered 15 murders in the month of February while New York City had 14.

I wonder if u can buy steak knives in the U.K. or is that banned too? I'm too young for puréed food. I'm not visiting the U.K. anytime soon. Does a waiter cut my steak for me? I want to cut my own meat...

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As an Italian woman posted on Twitter just this week: “Last century our governments disarmed us. Now, in Germany & the UK they arrest you for Twitter and Facebook posts.”