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“Notice a trend here?,leftist rhetoric is becoming increasingly threatening, ugly left intimidation tactics- assassination...

HNewsWire-The loony left seems to believe any tactic that works including assassinations are on the table. Most of you that read my websites KNOW I am a God-fearing Bible believing individual, I connect the dots between what's happening today and biblical prophecy.

When society becomes lawless with a particular viewpoint it's time to reconsider one's position and search wholeheartedly for a solution. Folks-anyone over 35 years old has witnessed countless political "Band-Aids" applied to society's problems, it hasn't worked' the Republicans and Democrats have failed the people miserably.

Biblically speaking, we are very close to seven years of hell on earth,if God does not change the plan" now for you naysayers that's going to scorn me over this statement, before you attack me, go to revelations, start with chapter 1 and finish the book of revelations completely-if you don't see a correlation between what were witnessing today and Bibly prophecy, You're an atheist, a nonbeliever who wants to argue-waste time and confuse the people.I'm not here to convince you- I'm here to inform you, nothing more...

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks says the flood of departing GOP members of Congress this year might be related to fear of “assassination risk” from violent “leftists” following the deadly shooting attack on the Republican’s baseball practice in 2017.

Some members of the Republican baseball team are among the 47 Republican officials retiring, resigning or seeking other office this term, including Reps. Ryan Costello, Pat Meehan, Dennis Ross and Tom Rooney and Sen. Jeff Flake

Leftist rhetoric is becoming increasingly threatening, Brooks said, pointing out that in the last month, three people had been arrested for allegedly threatening Virginia Republican Reps. Scott Taylor and Tom Garrett and Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey. An Arizona man also pleaded guilty to threatening to shoot Arizona Rep. Martha McSally.

NC Democratic Sheriff Candidate Jokes About Killing Gun Owners
Once again, we’re reminded how the Left just hates us, and that they can’t be trusted on gun control. Enough with the lies that they just want common sense gun control. They either want to lay down the foundation to ban and confiscate guns, or they just want to kill you—or at least joke about it. In North Carolina, a Democrat running for sheriff joked about just that during a meeting with Moms Demand Action. The race is in Buncombe County (via NTK Network):

Giant Donald Trump Effigy Burned at UK Bonfire - NBC News

The truth is-the Democrats, the DNC, and the progressive wing of the party openly supports assassination of conservatives, Lawlessness, anti-Christian behavior and that will be the downfall of this nation, read history on the Roman Empire...
StevieRay Hansen

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