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HNewsWire-I've always found Oprah Winfrey's influence impressive and frightening. Mostly frightening, actually. Her powers of influence are such that they even have their own name now -- the Oprah effect. Thanks to this odd phenomenon, people will blindly cosign or follow pretty much anything or anyone Oprah endorses on her show.

A public policy analyst cautions his fellow Christians who might be thinking of supporting an Oprah Winfrey bid for the presidency in 2020.

The Left is giddy over the news that the popular media mogul is actually considering making a run in 2020. Calls for Winfrey to enter the fray reached a crescendo after her impassioned speech this weekend at the Golden Globes about sexual abuse, invoking the #MeToo movement.

OneNewsNow spoke with Abraham Hamilton III, general counsel and public policy analyst for the American Family Association. He recalled a different reaction from "progressives" regarding Winfrey when the idea of her involvement in politics came from then-candidate Donald Trump.

"He floated the idea of having Oprah Winfrey as his vice president, if you remember that – and the media excoriated him," says Hamilton. "The talking heads all roundly concluded that Donald Trump was not a serious candidate because he was considering Oprah Winfrey as his vice-presidential candidate.

"Now they want Oprah Winfrey to be president," he continues. "It just shows the rank hypocrisy that's resident among people with regressive ideologies."

And what about the issue of the #MeToo movement regarding the sexual abuse of women, which Winfrey so passionately addressed at the Golden Globes?

"An overwhelmingly high percentage of people in the very room that celebrated Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globe Awards – many of those people knew about the #MeToo moments far prior to the #MeToo movement and were absolutely silent about it," says Hamilton.

The Christian attorney also offers the following advice to believers who might find a Winfrey 2020 presidential bid appealing, pointing out "her denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ, rejection of biblical Christianity, and her being one of the primary purveyors of pagan spirituality in American society."

"I would encourage you to really reconsider whether or not she is the type of person you should be clamoring for," Hamilton states.

Watchman Fellowship – an apologetics and research ministry based in Georgia – makes the following statement regarding Winfrey's faith: "Although raised Baptist, Oprah Winfrey's faith has undergone a significant transformation towards New Age spirituality." And the co-founder of Berean Research pointed out in 2012 that the multi-billionaire "holds to religious pluralism – the worldview that no religion is the absolute source of truth."

People Without GOD Are Treacherous…
Oprah: "They [white people] just have to die."

Damning Oprah Video Surfaces; Anti-Christianity Rant Goes Viral

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People Without GOD Are Treacherous…
Oprah: "They [white people] just have to die."


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