/ Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels sues Trump for defamation over ‘con job’ tweet,Amusing Ourselves to Death: Discourse in the Age of Show Business...

HNewsWire-Stormy Daniels Is a whore by profession, the complete lack of character and moral compass that this middle-aged woman displays is concerning-when it comes to her ability to tell the truth, Her videos have a history, and it's not about the truth. Let's think about this for a minute- she teaches young men what young women really do not do naturally in the bedroom, sexual perversion is her forte, I don't believe the fair-minded, conservative, Christian individual will put any stock in anything this middle-aged harlot has to say.But she's going to try to enhance her checking account, apparently by any means possible.

She’s a literal wh*re (She’s a porn star. She has sex for money. I’m not being rude. This is true.) who miiiight have banged a billionaire, got paid to keep her mouth shut about it, and is now trying to pretend she’s some kind of hero-victim.

Stormy Daniels’when you are a money WHORE anything goes...

Warning viewers discretion advised :Porn star named in Stormy Daniels NDA and she accuses Trump of inappropriate ‘sexual touching’any question, is there such a thing as inappropriate touching with these whores

Stormy Daniels ‘America’s Best-Known Whore ’ After She Pledges to Donate Money to Planned Parenthood, Make Babies-Then Kill Them...

You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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