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Swedish Journalist Investigating Soros Organization Found Dead...

A young Swedish journalist named Bechir Rabani was found dead at home, according to police ‘under suspect circumstances.’ 33-year-old Mr Rabani died of a heart attack in his sleep.

Mr Rabani gained popularity when he tried to confront the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s editor in chief Mr Thomas Mattson and journalist Mr Diamant Salihu in their homes in Stockholm last year.

His latest project was a review of Mr Robert Aschberg, a well-known media figure in Sweden and the current director of a Soros non-profit organization called Expo Foundation (Stiftelsen Expo).

One of Mr Rabani’s last entries on his blog read: “After my visit to Aschberg, my Facebook accounts were permanently closed. This has never happened before. And the text below the report was deleted everywhere on facebook. Our website has also been under attack. The report will be coming soon and probably the first ever to review Aschberg. Look out for the days and spread as much as you can” wrote Bechir Rabani in a blog post on December 7th. He promised yesterday new information about Robert Aschberg.”

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Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir Rabani found dead tonight under strange circumstances.

This comes just as he is investigating and exposing well known communist Robert Aschberg & far-left org. Expo which is funded by SOROS.

3:43 PM - Dec 15, 2017
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Back in August 2017 Rabani released a documentary ”I skammens skugga”/”In the shadow of shame”, describing the rape epidemic and perils Swedish girls face from immigrants.

Then in late September 2017, Mr Rabani infiltrated an Antifa demonstration in Gothenburg.

Nathan Thompson ▲
Robert Aschberg & Fatemeh Khavari are both part of the networks of Social Democrats , SSU and LO's "Intelligence Service" Expo, as well as the Swedish George Soros-funded AFA , where Robert Aschberg is said to be the main man through a position in theco https://newsvoice.se/2017/12/11/robert-aschberg-medborgarjournalister/
11:05 AM - Dec 17, 2017

Robert Aschberg får svar på tal från medborgarjournalister i migrationsfrågan - NewsVoice
En något fientlig Robert Aschberg och den ensamkommande afganledaren Fatemeh Khavari konfronterade Åsa Westerberg på hennes arbetsplats.
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As stated, Mr Rabani’s latest project was an investigation into Robert Aschberg, a well-known media figure in Sweden who used to live as a Maoist during his younger years (even though he is the grandson son of a famous Swedish banker, Mr Olof Aschberg) but stated at the age of 30 that he left those views behind him to join the mainstream media.

Conspiracy theories about Mr Aschberg being involved with the death of Mr Rabani have since popped up.



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