Texas Man Shows Why We Need AR-15s When Car Full of Thugs Rolls up...

HNewsWireTexas-Had one Houston homeowner not been in legal possession of an AR-15 when a group of thugs opened fired at him during a late-night drive-by last spring, he’d likely very well be dead today.

As previously reported by the Conservative Tribune, the drama began to unfold about 2:15 am on May 6, 2017, when the man was outside his home and three thugs in a Nissan sedan rolled up “with the intention of shooting a man in his yard,” according to Houston station KPRC.

Apparently unbeknownst to the thugs, that man was the legal owner of an an AR-15. Moreover, according to the unnamed man’s family, he enjoyed taking part in target practice at a local shooting range.

Given this information, what do you suppose happened? If you guessed that the unnamed man completely annihilated the thugs, you guessed correctly.

Despite over 40 rounds reportedly being fired at the homeowner, he suffered zero injuries through the whole ordeal. And yet, amazingly enough, his own shots wound up hitting all three suspects and killing two.

“The homeowner struck all three men inside of the car. The driver of the car crashed after the shooting, hitting a car and then running into a yard. One suspect died at the scene. The other two fled on foot but didn’t make it far,” reported station KTRK.

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Of the two suspects who were apprehended, one died later at the hospital, while the other “underwent surgery for his gunshot wounds.”

And again, the heroic homeowner suffered zero injuries. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nor was he ever charged, since he had merely been protecting himself.

Why are we bringing this up nearly a year after it occurred, and after we’ve already reported on it once? Because ever since a suspect equipped with an AR-15 killed 17 people during a mass shooting at a Florida high school last week, politicians and pundits alike have called for a ban of the AR-15 again.

Even some RINOs have joined the chorus, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich suggesting last week that he would favor “outlawing assault weapons like the AR-15 that was reportedly used in the Florida massacre,” according to Mother Jones.

Anti-gun zealots such as Kasich seem to be under the delusion that a ban on AR-15s would somehow stop criminals from obtaining them. That’s simply naive.

A ban on AR-15s would only affect law-abiding Americans like the homeowner in Houston who, incidentally enough, used such a weapon to save himself from what would have otherwise likely been a bloody and painful death.

If liberals and fake Republicans want to keep pushing for a ban on AR-15s nevertheless, fine. Just please be honest about what you’re really suggesting, which is that you want to rob the American people of their ability to protect themselves.

In other words, you want to make it so that guys like the homeowner can’t fire back with equal firepower if and when someone (or a group of people, in this case) tries to kill them.

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StevieRay Hansen Investigative Reporter for SrhNews.com and HNewsWire.com

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