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The Attempted Coup Against President Trump,The Democrats’ Ongoing Quest To Topple The President....

HNewsWire-Attorney-client privilege has long been understood to protect the private conversations between an attorney and their client from the prying eyes — and listening ears — of government prosecutors. But that long-standing protection seems to have been tossed by the wayside in the Age of Trump.

It would appear that in their zeal to “get Trump,” some “deep state” actors seem willing to use any means necessary to attain that goal, no matter the legality or traditional limits.

As for the anonymous reports of wiretaps on Cohen, we’ll have to wait and see if they are ever confirmed or this is just the latest “fake news” smoking gun to blow up in the anti-Trump media’s hands.

The Democrats’ ongoing quest to topple the president.
We are witnessing a coup against a legally constituted president. There was a time when the question of how to deal with seditious traitors in America would have been a no-brainer. Now, the left is so powerful, and their control of major institutions in society so complete that a logical and rational response to their treachery is clouded in confusion.

For those who like Sessions, you are deluded. He did everything an enemy of the State would do; turned over DOJ to Trump's enemies and refused to prosecute the most treasonous criminal enterprise in American history.

When criminals seek to topple our government and shred our way of life, our response should be clear. If we don't move quickly to purge our institutions of the criminals who seek to destroy them, we will have only ourselves to blame. If we don't replace the RINOs and globalists in the GOP with patriots and move forcefully to restore constitutional government, everything else will be beside the point.
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