The division in America is now so dramatic that many people could foresee it headed in only one direction: Civil War.

HNewsWire StevieRay Hansen Commentary:Warning within their story that the pronounced uptick in violence against peaceful President Trump supporters was only worsening, violence and harassment have reached epidemic proportions, with well over 500 attacks now against Trump supporters and those numbers growing every day.

The 'deep state' openly calling for sedition against the Trump administration and absolutely nothing seemingly being done about what appears to be open rebellion against the lawfully elected government of President Donald Trump and the United States, might peaceful, law-abiding Americans soon take matters into their hands should supporters of President Trump continue to be abused, attacked and treated like 2nd-class citizens?

The deep state that has literally 'declared war' upon President Trump and his 'America 1st' agenda? If that corrupt faction is the same group that plans, enables and/or helps to carry out false flag events such as what many believed happened in Las Vegas, how long might it be until professional deep state assassins are unleashed upon American patriots should civil war break out...


We are in a very dangerous place...
HNewsWire-This is the ridiculous nature of our political discourse today. Where a liberal can’t even say that you should hear out a conservative without facing intense backlash and horrible insults…

“Notice a trend here?,leftist rhetoric is becoming increasingly threatening, ugly left intimidation tactics- assassination...
HNewsWire-The loony left seems to believe any tactic that works including assassinations are on the table. Most of you that read my websites KNOW I am a God-fearing Bible believing individual, I connect the dots between what's happening today and biblical prophecy.

When society becomes lawless with a particular viewpoint it's time to reconsider one's position and search wholeheartedly for a solution. Folks-anyone over 35 years old has witnessed countless political "Band-Aids" applied to society's problems, it hasn't worked' the Republicans and Democrats have failed the people miserably.

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Please help me help these kids(orphans) that are in trouble, PLEASE 80% of the book sales goes directly to:

“Have I therefore become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

"In the end, politicians have a choice; the choice to do the right thing and save there soul, or to do the wrong thing and save there career". We all know the choice most politicians make... StevieRay Hansen

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Please help me help these kids(orphans) that are in trouble, PLEASE 80% of the book sales goes directly to:


“Distractions make perfect bed partners for sinister individuals "
StevieRay Hansen

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