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'The Resistance' remains resistant to rural America....

Left-wing whining over Hillary Clinton losing the Electoral College a year ago has taken a new turn: complaining about the influence of rural America.

MSNBC host Joy Reid threw rural Americans into a whole new "Basket of Deplorables" by suggesting via Twitter that they are literally a threat to American democracy.

Reid was responding to a tweet from Kyle Griffin, an MSNBC producer, who complained that 70 percent of Americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states by 2040, accounting for only 30 of 100 U.S. senators.

"This is the core threat to our democracy," Reid responded, citing "disproportionate power" over the "urban majority."

"Basically that comment says the rest of America is stupid: They don't understand like I do and they're a threat to me because they disagree with me," responds Jeff Crank, a conservative political consultant.

It's obvious to anyone who follows politics, Crank says, that rural areas tend to be more conservative than their Democrat-led urban counterparts. So a political system in which urban Democrats control the rural areas would likely suit Reid just fine, he suggests.

What is stopping that wish from coming true, Crank says, is the "brilliantly devised plan" created by the Founding Fathers, which allows all voices to be heard on Capitol Hill.

Trump, in fact, won approximately 84 percent of the geographic United States, or about 2,600 counties, to 500 won by Clinton.

She won 88 of the 100 largest counties last year, website Brilliantmaps.com reported after the election.

Trump (May '16 pic)At the end of election night - a night that began with media predictions of a Clinton sweep - Trump won 306 Electoral College votes compared to 232 for Clinton.

What happened almost immediately - before cries of impeachment, vows to join the "Resistance," and accusations of Russian collusion - was a left-wing effort to convince the delegates to switch their electoral votes to Clinton. When that failed to work, trashing the Electoral College became a new talking point.

"If we didn't have the Electoral College," Crank tells OneNewsNow, "politicians would simply focus on the states that had large population bases, and then they would forget about all these rural states."

That is what Clinton did last year, losing to Trump in the reliably "blue" states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania after her we-got-this-won campaign ignored something-is-happening warnings from grassroots Democrats.

A post-election L.A. Times story found that Clinton won "an overwhelming majority in many city centers, but she tallied fewer votes there than Obama did four years ago. That shortcoming contributed to the loss of four Rust Belt states that had gone to Democrats in recent years."

"It was supposed to be the year of the Latino voters," begins a post-election story from Politico. "Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, white rural voters had an even bigger moment."

According to the Left, however, those "white rural voters" don't deserve any more big moments in the future.

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