To watch our elected officials stand down behind immature high school kids while they spout off immature solutions to a ongoing problem "Very Troubling"...

HNewsWire-Here's the news headlines: Students and teachers across the nation walked out of class to raise awareness about gun violence in schools in honor of the 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.

Our nation has become one nation under fantasy (God has been taken out of the equation)as we watch these brats stomp their feet about guns,they overlooked several important points about the Florida school massacre

1.The authorities both state and federal had numerous(45 call-in reports) about a disturbed young man named Cruz, yet no one in that well-groomed Florida community bothered to monitor and/or arrest Cruz for threatening to shoot up a school.

2.The FBI had numerous reports of Mr. Cruz threatening to harm, or shoot up a school in fact the young men made a YouTube video suggesting he would shoot up a school.

3.We the people have allowed our elected officials to completely remove GOD from the equation, God can NOT help when he's sidelined by default.

4.Make no mistake, every official/elected or otherwise is carrying a weapon today at those school walkouts or has armed bodyguards standing by, the elitist are good at- do as I say not as I do ideology, in other words there surrounded with the ability to protect their Persons, but the ordinary citizen if accosted by a criminal would have to call 911, and wait 15 to 30 minutes for a police officer shows up while you're laying on the ground badly injured or dead because the elitists took your ability away from protecting yourself, look at Europe, look at Venezuela, Cuba, we the people defended this Republic from the tyrant Brits because we had the ability to do so, patriots need the ability to defend this country people against a tyrant government overrun which is exactly what we're watching take place today.

This generation has no respect for God, Family values, authority let’s work on moral compass of society, It’s not the gun’s fault.

Our elected officials are literally standing by and taking instructions from immature selfish high school students who do not have the wisdom and knowledge to fix any problem.

It's time to elect real men and women that are qualified to solve problems within our country. I would suggest the first qualification- a moral compass that is well grounded in reality.

To watch our elected officials stand down behind immature high schoolers while they spout off immature solutions to a ongoing problem (Our elected officials are the problem) "Very Troubling", the incompetency of our elected officials is a major problem in this country. Trump was elected on the promise he would drain the swamp,we the people need to insist that Pres.Trump does exactly what he said he would do, drain the dam swamp Mr. Pres.

StevieRay Hansen Commentary

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