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Trump Hand Pick By GOD, Not Many Like That Fact, But It's The Truth...

HNewsWire-The thousand undifferentiated scoops in the phantasmal Mueller investigation, the vicissitudes of his hundred shifting positions on DACA and the fabled border wall, Stormy Daniels, a reversal of course in Syria and Afghanistan, moronic schemes from the White House to turn food stamps into some kind of vast network of state-run bread and milk distribution centers, endless championing of the Wall Street gazillionaires against whom he had supposedly been running in 2016, relentless staff turnaround, a so-far-illusory trade war conducted from the internet with minimal strategy or cohesion, even "covfefe": Not one of these things matters to the not-quite-majority of Americans who voted for Trump. They still like him.

You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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