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Trump Won’t Dance for Special Counsel,Mueller Can “F*ck Off....

HNewsWire Commentary-President Trump has previously called the Mueller probe a “witch hunt” and has reportedly contemplated firing the special counsel. According to Axios, however, Trump plans to cooperate with Mueller and let the investigation reach its conclusion with the expectation that President Trump will be fully cleared by next year.

On the contrary, LevinTV host Mark Levin has repeatedly warned that Mueller’s investigation is not meant to prove or disprove that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election, but rather is a partisan ploy to hand the Democrats ammunition in an impeachment process. StevieRay Hansen

President Trump was considering a sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller earlier this week, according to White House insiders, but that has drastically changed.

After Mueller’s team raided Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s office and home, White House insiders said Mueller lost any chance to entice the President for an interview. Trump has directed his legal team to pursue other legal strategies absent a meeting with Mueller.

“He can f*ck off,” the White House insider said. “That’s our unofficial position on Mr. Mueller and his team.”

Does President Trump echo that sentiment?

“Absolutely,” the official confirmed.

The White House insider said the raid on Cohen is the “third strike” against Mueller as far as the administration is concerned because it was an “end run” around lawyer-client confidentiality and nothing more.

What were the previous two strikes?

The FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two former members of Mueller’s team who lambasted Trump in private text messages that have been partially published, the source said.

“Mueller is playing with loaded dice,” the White House official said, noting that his Justice Department boss and handler Rod Rosenstein in enabling a rogue investigation. “But the President has some moves of his own and he will make them soon.

“Very soon.”

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