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Gun Free Zones,Shooting at YouTube Headquarters? Hypocrisy From The Left.

HNewsWire-We have a loony left animal activists upset with YouTube,odds are 10 to 1 she voted for Hillary, a gun in the hands of a sick person can be dangerous.Okay this shooter was a animal activists that drove from Southern California to Northern California to get revenge on the employees at YouTube because they were censoring, filtering her content, this 38-year-old woman was willing to die for... what? this all makes a lot of sense in a godless NWO society, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein immediately called for gun control.

We saw the same blame game after the Parkland shooting. NRA memberships exploded after liberals attacked the gun rights organization.

On Tuesday, unhinged leftists blamed the NRA and spread false statistics about gun violence and mass shootings. Shocker.According to The family and friends interviewed about the YOUTUBE shooting, They WARNED Police for a year about her intentions and police ignored the family...

Again we watch fantasy politics being played out while people die, the politics of this gun issue Is simply-truth is hard to come by when there is a hidden agenda. That gun did not grow legs and walk over to some innocent individual and go off, no-some ungodly, soulless person grab that gun went over to some innocent individual and killed them, there is no other way to frame this argument.

But The ugly left would have you to believe that once all the guns are gone there will be a utopia for ever. Well look at Great lost Britain, today there crime statistics came out....Great lost Britain murder rate is higher than New York City, there are no guns in London and in most of Great lost Britain, so where's the utopia for this sad country, doesn't exist and that's because the politicians, the ugly left are liars.No God, no peace, it's simple.

Shooter at YouTube HQ, in a video that Aghdam posted back in 2017, she vented about her content being 'discriminated and filtered'. She is a self-described Persian
animal rights activist and 'vegan bodybuilder'

You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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