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Tribulation Events to Start to Play Out…

Everything HAS come together for tribulation events to start to play out. Fear of the corona-virus has destabilized an already unstable world. We really have seen nothing yet. The debts are not going to get repaid and government helicopter money is not going to buy much for very long. When people start to panic, the lawlessness begins in force. It will not just happen on a local level either. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, but Jesus tells us the end does not come immediately (Mt 24:6).

Judgement in the Day of the Lord does not come before God sends His prophets and His people are rejected and persecuted. At the appointed time, God will send his two witnesses and seal the 144,000 Israelite’s that will deliver the gospel of the coming kingdom to everyone in the world. There will be no excuse. Nobody will be able to say they were not told the truth. The world in general will reject God’s message in favor of a Jew hating Satanic Christ commonly known as the Antichrist. The world’s rejection of God’s Christ is why the Judgments of the Day of the Lord fall on the evil loving world.

Governments should not have become the enforcement arm of narrow focused bureaucratic technocrats who are always gazing into their crystal ball models to predict the future. Models fed incorrect or incomplete data always give wrong predictions. These bureaucratic technocrats have become the secular false prophets of our time.

The globalist progressives will attempted to use this crisis for the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world, but it will actually turn out to be the biggest asset destruction in the history of the world.

I have inside information (The Bible) all this might be part of a plan by powerful people or the unseen realm to bring down the existing world order and bring about a new world order that will kick start global governance.


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The Watchman does not confuse truth with consensus. The Watchman does not confuse God’s Word with the word of those in power…

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