Afghani Christians are asking for prayers amongst persecution from the Taliban.


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Christians from Afghanistan are asking for prayers amid persecution from the Taliban.

The Christian Headlines said Afghan Christians are asking for prayers for protection against the Taliban. The Christians in Afghanistan, out of fear from persecution and death, have gone into hiding from the Taliban.

According to international monitoring organization Release International, there are 10,000 Christians in Afghanistan that have fled from the Taliban into remote areas and are currently trapped there. Release International, which calls themselves as the voice of persecuted Christians, said in a report dated September 27 that many Christians are “unable to leave in sealed borders” and have already “received death threats.”

Christianity Daily reported previously that the International Christian Concern has raised previously that Afghan Christians must escape to safety for their lives have increasingly become difficult now that the country is under Taliban control. Reports on Taliban violence involved mostly women and children being beaten by the Taliban

Release International CEO Paul Robinson stressed in a statement on the prevalence of fake reports on the persecution faced by Christians in Afghanistan. Part of the rumor is said to include images of Isis violence that happened in Iraq but were reported to have been “filmed in Afghanistan.”

“Understandably, there is a great deal of fear and rumour. This is why we talk to partners who are working directly with the underground church,” Robinson pointed out.

As per Release International, they have partnered with SAT-7 Pars that directly hears and receives “many messages from Afghanistan that the persecution is getting harder” since the Taliban took over in mid-August.

SAT-7 Pars Executive Director Panayiotis Keenan told Release International that Afghan Christians detail what hardships they go through while in hiding and have asked for prayers so they can escape the “hell” they are experiencing.

“Afghan Christians are contacting us on a daily basis, describing how difficult the situation is. They are hiding and meeting in secret locations. But winter is coming and that will soon become more and more difficult,” Keenan said.

“One caller sent in a prayer request saying: ‘Oh Lord God, please protect us, because we are facing hell’,” Keenan added.

The Christians in Afghanistan are said to be trapped because the Taliban controls the borders. Pakistan and Iran have also announced refusal of accepting further refugees since they have already reached their limit. While Turkey has built an additional wall to keep refugees coming from Iran.

Currently, Release International is appealing for funding to support Christians who had already fled from Afghanistan. The organization said these group of Christians need assistance after being “uprooted from their homes because of their faith.” While Christians in Afghanistan need encouragement to they can continually operate “under the continual threat of persecution.”

Release International is also partnering with Open Doors and CSW for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church that will be held on November.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan occurred prior to the United States’ withdrawal of military forces in the country. The said takeover is a part of the Taliban’s plans to encompass the world with its power. It is said to be more than a political move for the Taliban is set to dominate the world “one day.”

The United States through its Department of State have announced in mid-September after relocating their base their to Doha that it will continue in its efforts to evacuate Afghans with whom the country has “special commitment to” provided that said citizens “wish to leave.”

My prayers go out to those under persecution of the Taliban. And I believe that we need to take a step back and look at the big picture, and how the whole world is crying out for salvation. God is truly moving mountains in these days. In the mean time all we can do is pray, pray for the wisdom and the strength necessary to keep a clear mind in these trying times. Stay inquisitive in the word of God and the world around you.

Sources: ChristianityDaily


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