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An authoritarian conspiracy, “censoring conservatives”., Censorship, Censorship by the social media giants, Censorship has never been a profitable income stream., censorship on social media,, Commentary By StevieRay Hansen..., Facebook has shut down pages and groups of ex-Muslims, Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg, hate us hardworking Americans,, Liberal left unhinged, Liberal, Left, News, SRHNEWS.BLOG, SrhNews.Blog News, Commentary.., time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”- George Orwell, TOP NEWS, Top Story, Tweeter continues to ban Conservatives, Christians from its ad business, Tweeter has some work to do when it comes to monetization, Tweeter, FakeBook, YouTube, YouTube

VIDEO: Those who speak the truth are punished and destroyed.

An authoritarian conspiracy, Chris wallace is a POS, Clinton and the Democratic Party, crappy, annoying manifesto, Department of Homeland Security, Donald Trump or his campaign, hame on American Media shame shame shame !!, HNewsWire, HNewsWire....,, Julian Assange News, leaks and hacks, Washington, DC staffers, Let that be a warning to the Democratic Party and any other organization with secrets to keep. If the leaks don’t kill you, the fear of them just might., News, NSA staffer, Our Journalist no longer serve a Purpose other than deception and spin, political party, WikiLeaks,

VIDEO: Note To Fox News…Everyone should be blasting every Media we come Across that has a Problem with Julian Assange