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An authoritarian conspiracy, “censoring conservatives”., Censorship, Censorship by the social media giants, Censorship has never been a profitable income stream., censorship on social media,, Commentary By StevieRay Hansen..., Facebook has shut down pages and groups of ex-Muslims, Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg, hate us hardworking Americans,, Liberal left unhinged, Liberal, Left, News, SRHNEWS.BLOG, SrhNews.Blog News, Commentary.., time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”- George Orwell, TOP NEWS, Top Story, Tweeter continues to ban Conservatives, Christians from its ad business, Tweeter has some work to do when it comes to monetization, Tweeter, FakeBook, YouTube, YouTube

VIDEO: Those who speak the truth are punished and destroyed.

# ugly left, #working to destroy America, Al Gore a fraud., Al Gore and cronies continue getting richer from the global warming hoax, Al Gore and those ungodly elites., ‘global warming’, Commentary, Faith..., global warming, global warming crowd would like for you to believe., HNewsWire....,, Liberal left unhinged, News, political correctness., StevieRay Hansen, The Antichrist News, The ugly left...., TOP NEWS, Weather Channel Founder John Coleman calls global warming scare a hoax, YouTube

VIDEO :”Global Warming “,A fraud perpetrated upon the American people by Al Gore and those ungodly elites.

# ugly left, “censoring conservatives”., firestorm in conservative media circles,, left wing press, liberal and supportive, Liberal left unhinged, Liberal, Left, Liberalism is a mental illness, Mark Zuckerberg’s, News, News from the Elites, News, political correctness., SRHNEWS.BLOG, StevieRay Hansen, The ugly left....,, TOP NEWS, Top Story, Ugly Facts, YouTube

Censorship, Facebook’s trending bar deliberately suppresses conservative.. (VIDEO)

# hypocrisy, #Glenn Beck, affordable coverage act, Anti-Christ, Author of Obamacare Admit It’s Evil?, Christian News......., Commentary By StevieRay Hansen..., health-care policy, HNewsWire....,, Jonathan Gruber, left wing press, Liberal left unhinged, Liberal, Left, News,, Obamacare passed, social justice left, StevieRay Hansen, The individual mandate, The stupidity of the American voter, VIDEO YouTube

VIDEO: Did the Author of Obamacare Admit It’s Evil?

# ugly left, #Come and take it., #the truth always wins, alter reality, “fair and balanced.” NOT, Censorship, exposing evil, Fake justice, Fire Shep NOW FOX NEWS, Fox News, Fox News..., Fox TV’s Shepard Smith, HNewsWire,, Liberal left unhinged, liberal-leftist on Fox TV, News, News from the Elites, News, Politics,, rnative thought, “conservative” views are being deemed “racist,” “xenophobic” and “hateful,” or “fake news.”, Shepard Smith NOT is a “fair and balanced” reporter., Shepard Smith pounced again before the clearly surprised Brett Baier, Shepard Smith sternly “corrected” Fox News Reporter, Shepard Smith uses sarcasm and opinion sneakily camouflaged as fact, Shepardista”, The ugly left...., Ugly Facts, VIDEO YouTube

HNewsWire: Fox News Shepard Smith Must Go… sign the Petition

# hypocrisy, # Pres Trump death threats # Trump, # Trump, # ugly left, #liberal “fake news”., 100,000 SIGNATURES, Lets get Stephen Colbert Fired, Colbert went on to make homophobic remarks, collect 100,000 Signatures!, comedian, a journalist, or what Evil (C), Commentary, Evil Sick stephen-colbert-petition/, FAKE NEWS, hate us hardworking Americans, here to sign petition,,, left wing press, Liberal left unhinged, Liberal, Left, MSM call American names like “redneck,” “racist,” and “trailer trash.”, News, News, political correctness., social justice left, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Colbert soulless, lying thugs, The ugly left...., Top Story

HNewsWire: 100,000 SIGNATURES, Lets get Stephen Colbert fired