Coming Food Problem: COVID Spreads To 60 Plants

Sparks Fear Of US Food Shortages As 2nd Wave Strikes “Tribulation”… You Can Thank Google, Most of the Social Media Platforms, Congress, and Mainstream Media for Lying to You About the Food Shortage… Get Prepared, the Plandemic Seems to Be Working for the New World Order Elitist, Food Shortages Are Coming to America, It’s All Part of the Plan– They Must Get You to Submit to the New World Order George Soros Open Society, ‘Hell on Earth’.  Americans across the country are increasing Googling “meat shortage” as the afternoon progresses following the news of the JBS ransomware attack. * * *  Update (1409 ET): Reports continue to trickle out, this time with Bloomberg, JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, has suspended operations at ten meat plants after a ransomware attack.  * * *  Update (1405 ET): The White House has confirmed JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, … Continue reading Coming Food Problem: COVID Spreads To 60 Plants