COVID Shot Killing AND/OR Injuring Large Numbers – Updated

We first saw this in The Observer in a report titled, “Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Stir Rage.” Following the discovery of harmful side effects, researchers in Britain are urging the government should immediately stop using Covid-19 vaccinations. There is growing evidence that casts doubt on the Covid-19 vaccines’ effectiveness and safety. The use of Covid-19 vaccinations on people should end immediately, according to a recent paper prepared by British experts, since they are dangerous. The doctors claim that after looking through official public health records, they have discovered a number of side effects associated with the vaccine, including miscarriage and adverse reactions affecting pregnancy, bleeding and clotting, unexpected immune reactions, unusual pain reactions, neurological reactions, and loss of sight, hearing, speech, or smell. Researchers demanded an immediate end to the immunization campaign after explaining that the vaccine’s ingredients are hazardous to … Continue reading COVID Shot Killing AND/OR Injuring Large Numbers – Updated