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Because Santa(satan) Claus Christianity can not save you. That’s the perversion the pagan doctrine of original sin has made of the gospel. Saying that just as Santa Claus watches and knows who is naughty or nice, so the false gospel message that salvation is based on whether one is good or bad has made God into Santa Claus by the charlatans that teach this garbage who claim to be Christians. 

Think of it. Why do most people who say they are Christians believe Jesus needed to come? They say it’s because people are bad and need forgiveness for the bad things they have done so God will accept them, right? And that if they don’t get forgiveness from God for the bad things they have done, or have in their view inherited, they will get the proverbial lump of coal. Which means they will be sent to hell by an angry god. Rather than given the gift of eternal life by a loving God. Here’s a list of things these charlatans have attributed to God that are really only true of a fictitious Santa Claus-

Satan Claus                                                               God

-Santa keeps record of the                                  -God keeps record of the good and bad  

Good and Bad things you do                                 things you do

-Has a list                                                               -Has a list

-Checks that list                                                    -Checks that list

-List shows who is naughty or nice                     -List shows who is naughty or nice

-If nice gives a gift                                                 -If nice gives a gift

-If bad gives a punishment                                   -If bad gives a punishment

These similarities are not an accident, nor are they Biblical. Oh, sure God does have a book called the book of life that He will open at the great white throne judgment. But, that judgment is not for the truly saved. Because when the truly saved come to faith in Jesus they are judged and found righteous just as faithful Abraham is said to have been in Rom.4:2-5.

But, the great white throne judgment is only for those whose names have been blotted out of the book of life because they never came to a saving faith in the Biblical Jesus. And instead have believed in a Santa Claus religion like the doctrine of original sin proclaims, or some other false system of salvation by works. 

People have defined God this way by reading into the Bible their preconceived understanding of some omniscient being known to them as Santa Claus from the time they were a toddler. But, Santa Claus is not anything like the Biblical God. He is neither omniscient nor eternal.

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And the Bible does not say that Jesus had to come because God was angry at mankind for their bad behavior. The Bible says Jesus came because God loves mankind and wants them to know Him. John3:16 says “For God so loved the world…” and Rom.5:8 says “But God commended His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Jesus came so that men can become immortal. Because 1Cor.15:50-56 says that only immortals can inherit His kingdom. And 1Cor.15:45-50 says that all who remain only flesh and blood as Adam was when God made him can not inherit God’s kingdom. 

So the truly saved not only recognize God as Creator, we recognize God by His love for us. Not by His anger at mankind because they have been bad. Condemning people for their bad behavior is what Santa Claus does. But, Paul says in Acts17:30 that from Adam to Moses “God winked at sin”. And Paul also says in Rom.5:13 that from Adam to Moses “sin was not imputed” because there was no law. And Paul added in 2Cor.5:19 that “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.”

So when we choose to believe in a God that is mad at us for naughty behavior we have not believed in the true God. And anyone who comes to you with a message that sounds like this naughty/nice Santa Claus religion saying that it is God, has sadly been deceived to believe a lie. And is trying to get you to do the same. Forgiveness of sins can not save anyone. John17:3 says that only knowing Jesus does that. 

If we will believe what the Bible says about God we will know that when He opens the book of life at the great white throne judgment He is judging only unbelievers. So this judgment doesn’t even include the truly saved. And it is not because they have been bad that they are there at this judgment. It is only because their names are not found written in the book of life of the lamb that was slain from before the foundation of the world. Because this means they never trusted in Jesus to know Him. And any bad things they may or may not have done were by products of not knowing Him. 

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If names are only blotted from the book of life, then how does the Bible say names are written in the lambs book of life in the first place? By good behavior? By choosing to love God after we are born? No, neither of these. Because our names are in the Lamb’s book of life from conception. 

We know this because 2Peter3:9 says it has always been God’s will that none should perish. So all the names of all that have ever been born are written in the book of life from conception. Rev.3:5 speaks of blotting out names from the book of life. But, that it is only when a person dies having rejected the gift of eternal life that Jesus came to provide for us. So until a man draws his last breath, even though he may have lived the worst possible life one could, or the best possible life, his name remains in the book of life. And it is only if he dies without ever coming to a saving faith in Jesus that his name blotted out of the book. 

It is not based on his behavior. But, on a choice whether or not to believe the gospel when it is preached to him. To believe in Jesus’ resurrection and that He is Lord. 

Because if he believes in Jesus he is born of the Spirit making him immortal so that he can now inherit the kingdom of God. If he does not believe in Jesus he will remain only mortal flesh and blood so he can not inherit the kingdom of God as 1Cor.15:50 says. Behavior has nothing to do with it. 

So our need for salvation has nothing to do with behavior. This is why Paul told us in 2Cor.13:5 to examine ourselves to see whether we be in the faith. Lest we be reprobate. The reprobate is not just one who practices a lifestyle contrary to the word of God by living an immoral life. He can also be the one that can be the most moral person that ever lived. Yet believing that they are saved or unsaved because of that is as reprobate to the gospel as anything can be.

So what am I saying? Am I denying that Jesus died for our sins? No. God forbid. The Bible clearly says He died for our sins. But, what does that mean about sins? It means what John said of the lamb of God in John1:29 who came to take away the sin of the world. But, what does Jesus call the sin of the world? He says that He sent the Holy Spirit to reprove the world of their sin which Jesus defines in John16:9 to be “They believe not on me.” And Hebrews9:15 says He accomplished this by His death that gave power to the New Covenant wherein there is no law that causes the imputation of sin. Because where there is no law, sins as defined by the law, are not imputed. 

This means that it is not after one has trusted in Jesus that these sins are taken away. They were taken away over 2,000 years ago by Jesus’ death and resurrection. And since then God is not imputing sins to anyone as Paul so plainly says in 2Cor.5:19. Because it is not forgiveness of sins that men are saved. It is by confessing Jesus to be Lord and believing His resurrection. 

This is why Jesus said “By your words you will be justified. And by your words you will be condemned.” Because as Rom.10:9,10 plainly says it is our confession that Jesus is Lord that comes from our belief in our heart that He has raised from the dead that brings salvation. Not because it is a reward for good behavior as the Santa Claus doctrine of original sin religionists teach. Don’t fall for their naughty/nice Santa Claus religion with it’s focus on works. A false pagan religion that says you will go to heaven if you believe that Jesus came to give you His goodness so God will accept you. 

We go to heaven solely based on our belief in the Biblical Jesus who died for the purpose of giving power to a New Covenant. So that as Eph.2:15 says both Jew and Gentile could be made one new man in Christ by faith in Christ apart from works. By abolishing the enmity that was the law that was between them. And whose resurrection conquered death for all mankind so that we could be born again as eternal beings by trusting in Him. Because only those who have become immortal by the spirit birth are heirs to God’s kingdom. 

Something we all must be very wary of is the deception that symbolizes the last days. We are seeing it all around us in politics, but more importantly in religion. This deception is what Paul said in 2Thes.2:9-12 would be “after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And that it is “for this cause God shall send them this strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” Why? So “That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” 

The unrighteousness Paul is referring to here is not just the immorality that is so prevalent in the world. Here Paul is specifically referring to an unrighteousness that is actually perceived to be righteousness that deceives people into thinking they are saved, when they really are not. It comes from a love for the false pagan doctrine of original sin that so many who call themselves Christians have been deceived by. Because they would not love the truth seen in the plain teaching in the Bible. Truth that shows us that if men sin they do so by choice, and not by nature. Which has far reaching implications that show whether or not we have love for the truth. This is a central cause for the great falling away that Paul also teaches about in 2Thes.2:3. 

Now that you know it is your belief in Jesus that saves you. And not yours or anyone else’s good behavior. Will you now be saved by believing in your heart that Jesus has raised from the dead, so that you can confess Him as your Lord? No longer to be deceived by the pagan Santa Claus religion of salvation by works. If you will then pray with me now so that you will be born of His Spirit so that you will inherit the kingdom of God. 

Dear Jesus, thank you for joining with me in my death. Thank you that by trusting in you as Lord I can now join with you in your eternal life. I receive your eternal life now. I receive your Holy Spirit. Thank you for making me heir to your kingdom. Help me now to learn to live the life you want me to live. A life of love for you and love for others. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Praise God you prayed with me. And welcome to His family. Now when you read the Bible believe what is plainly written on it’s pages. And ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you into His truth. He loves you and wants you to have the abundant life Jesus said He came to give you. 

See you there or in the air! 

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