The antichrist (Benjamin Netanyahu) Makes His Appearance, and He Has all the Answers, the World Falls for his Deceit, Get Prepared for Hell on Earth…

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo credit: REUTERS)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo credit: REUTERS)
The cunning pretense of caring for children to mark them. Here you see the true beast-man who has already marked India & China on the r/hand Teva Biotec Israel
Cyber experts slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his proposal to "microchip" children who return to schools and kindergartens as the coronavirus lockdown is lifted, Ynet reported on Friday.
While speaking at a press conference on Monday, Netanyahu suggested the Health Ministry use new technology to help Israel adjust to its new routine as the state is lifting the coronavirus lockdown. "That is, the technology that has not been used before and is allowed under the legislation we shall enact," he clarified.

This is an ongoing living article about revelations, as God moves this article will take us to the final battle, true Christians know the end result and we welcome Christ to return.

Jesus Two Witnesses to Be Murdered There Outside Netanyahu\'s Abyss[rev11;7] Synagogue[ Ezekiel 8] Under the Dome of the Rock

More to come as God brings his final judgment upon the wicked

Servant of God – The Challenge to Timothy
After these words of instruction and challenge to Timothy, Paul records his final thoughts -- reflections on his life's work as a servant of God. These words stand as a lighthouse for every Believer. They shine in a dark world to guide each of us safely home. They are words that every child of God should be willing to pay any price to say.

To me, the saddest thing that could ever happen would be to reach the end of my life, look back, and say, "If only!" If only I had made better choices. If only I had lived a better life. How sad would it be to know I could never change the choices I had made, and the choices I made were not the ones with eternal value?