Kellyanne Conway Just Proved That Americans Don’t Give A Sh*t What CNN Says….

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The mainstream media will stop at nothing when it comes to stopping Trump from getting anything done while he’s in office. But with allies like Kellyanne Conway on his side, I think Trump will be just fine.

Last night Conway went on Hannity to discuss the liberal media, mainstream media, and how they have attacked Trump. She said that there will be more “calling out” and more accountability held to the media from now on. No longer will the liberal media run wild with silly, backward stories just to fit their narrative.

This, folks, is serious business!

> The counselor to the president told Sean Hannity during an interview Monday that it’s clear Trump is treated differently by the press than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would be.
> “It hardly qualifies as breaking news to say that,” Conway said. “President Obama, especially in his first couple days in office, was treated much differently than Donald Trump. We know that and we’re going to deal with that, but it would be nice if people showed respect of the office of the president and gave him a chance.”

“If they want to call themselves journalists and reporters, they ought to think about what they’re doing.”

BOOM! This is exactly what we need out of the White House. No more liberal bias. No more media fabrication and manipulation. With Conway around, we’re going to get the TRUTH.

(Source: The Daily Caller)

By Blair Patterson 

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