Muslim Community Outraged Over Movie Premiere. Claiming It “Negatively Represents” Islamic Holy Leaders.


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Following concerns from some members of the Muslim community, a British theater chain has halted the worldwide screening of a film based on an Arabian holy legend.

Following an uproar from local Muslims, Bolton Cineworld was the first to announce that it would no longer be taking bookings for “The Lady of Heaven.”

On Saturday, a group of Muslim men gathered outside the theater to protest the film’s screening, claiming that it “negatively represents” Islamic holy leaders. Outside Vue cinemas in Croydon and Birmingham, smaller protests have also been captured on film.

However, free-speech defenders have criticized the cinema’s concession as a surrender to “mob rule.”

The $15 million film, scripted by Muslim Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, tells the story of Lady Fatima, Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, and her “heart-wrenching journey.” According to the film’s website, “an Iraqi boy, separated by 1400 years, learns the significance and power of patience in the middle of a war-torn country.”

In 2021, the film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

“Due to recent occurrences linked to screenings of ‘The Lady of Heaven,’ we have made the decision to postpone forthcoming screenings of the film nationally to guarantee the safety of our employees and customers,” a Cineworld spokeswoman informed The Epoch Times.

A manager of a Vue theater was seen on social media addressing protesters, saying that the film had been canceled and that it will not be shown again.

“As consumers, we respect you all; you are the lifeblood of our community.” The decision to show this video didn’t come from us; it came from above. “We completely agree with what you’ve said,” the manager stated.

The Epoch Times was unable to confirm if the cinema manager’s position was an official Cineworld post.

Imteyaz Ali, chairman of the Bolton Council of Mosques, told The Epoch Times that he expressed the concerns of the larger Muslim community in Bolton to Bolton Cineworld’s duty manager. He stated that the cinema’s decision to remove the film was a “reasonable position.”

“Any film that offends any faith in any form should not be released.” Although we are a varied community in Bolton, we appreciate each other’s cultures and traditions, and everyone should be treated with the same respect,” he added.

Ali had written to Cineworld, claiming that he feels it is forbidden to be insulting, and that the video is “blasphemous in nature” and “very upsetting.”

“There are some, including many of this film’s supporters or those engaging in sectarianism in their response, whose primary goal is to fuel hatred,” the Muslim Council of Britain, the UK’s largest Muslim body with over 500 mosques, educational, and charitable associations affiliated with it, said in a statement. We cannot allow them to succeed.”

“We stated demonstrations are protests from day one of the production,” Malik Shlibak, Executive Producer of “The Lady Of Heaven,” told The Epoch Times.

“I suppose the film, like every other film, benefits from it.” It raises awareness of the film. While we believe protests should take place, we vehemently oppose their message,” Shlibak stated.

Shlibak also feels that most British people would oppose calls for the film to be taken down since free expression is a fundamental element in the country. He stated, “This is a demand that should not be occurring in this nation.”

“You are free to tell people about it, even if you are highly enthusiastic about it.” “However, by demanding silence from others, they are insisting that everything they find objectionable in this video not be discussed,” he continued.

“Muslims agree with many things in this film,” Shlibak added, adding “many are delighted and excited to see in this video.”

“Our message to the people and to the movie theater chains is quite clear, straight, and open: do not give in to these demands,” he stated.

Nobody has the right not to be offended, according to Martin Daubney, deputy leader of the Reclaim Party.

Laurence Fox, an English actor and activist, is the leader of the Reclaim Organization, a new political party.

“On this account, people have been slaughtered and massacred in France.” “We’ve seen it throughout Scandinavia with Salmon Rushdie, and we’ve seen it with Danish cartoonists,” Daubney added.

Imteyaz Ali, according to Daubney, “has no right to be aggrieved.” “If your speech offends me, we should remove it,” he explained, “that’s a censorship issue.”

After seeing footage of the movie management succumbing to the demonstrators’ demands, Daubney stated that “it’s hard to feel positive” about the future on days like this.

“I don’t blame the movie owners for fleeing because, in this situation, what would you do? You’d be legitimately afraid, anything might have occurred, you can’t blame them,” he explained.

“The trouble is that there is no cultural, political, or journalistic resistance to this,” he said, “and in the absence of any pushback, you have mob rule.”

“This is sad cowardice on Cineworld’s part,” said Toby Young, director general of the Free Expression Union, a group committed to free speech in the United Kingdom.

“It should not enable an enraged crowd to decide what movies are shown in its theaters.” The management should have told the crowd that they didn’t have to see the movie if they didn’t like it. It is basically illiberal to want to keep others from seeing it because they disagree with it. “They would have soon veered into illicit behavior if they had done more than protest,” Young added.

First off, let’s get this out of the way; Jesus was not simply a prophet as muslims believe. He was God in the flesh, serving as a mediator by which we are able to attain salvation and forgiveness for our sins. You can learn a lot about people and specific demographics by studying their tendencies. The longer you observe, the more likely you’ll notice that people from various ideological backgrounds are regressing back into this stone age way of dealing with criticism. Truthfully, it seems followers of Christ are the only ones who don’t seek to destroy any traces of dissent against our ideological framework. What exactly does that mean for us and the groups around us?

If Christians can be mocked for centuries, why can’t Muslims? Why do these individuals feel as though the ideas in their head are more valuable than the soul of a breathing human being? Modern American culture is largely built around the mockery of the Judeo-Christian traditional lifestyle. So why is it exactly that some people can’t handle the idea of being mocked? Insecurity could certainly be an indicating factor. If we were to silence all who disagree with us, we wouldn’t be able to save any more souls. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the director of the US Cyber Command and the National Security Agency (NSA) admitted that the US launched cyber operations.

In an interview released on June 1, NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone said, “We’ve done a series of operations throughout the whole spectrum; offensive, defensive, [and] information operations.” He stated this includes “offensive hacking activities,” but did not elaborate.

The actions, according to Nakasone, a four-star general, were legal and under civilian supervision. His interview with Sky News is the first formal indication that the US is fighting Russia in the digital realm in order to defend Ukraine.

“My duty is to offer the secretary of defense and the president with a number of possibilities,” he told Sky News, a British news program. It’s unclear when the operations began or how many have been carried out since the invasion began on February 24.

“Every day, we stay cautious.” Each and every day. He answered, “I think about it all the time.” “This is why we’re collaborating with a number of partners to guarantee that this does not happen, not only to the US but also to our allies.”

Nakasone also described how the US used so-called hunt forward operations to follow down hackers and locate their tools before they could be used. According to Nakasone, US military experts were deployed in Ukraine at the time of the invasion in one such mission.

“We came to hunt with them in December 2021 at the request of the Kyiv government. “We were there for over 90 days,” he told the publication.

The US team was later pulled from Ukraine in February, according to officials, amid a buildup of Russian military along Ukraine’s border.

The general also alluded to reported large hacking operations by Russian state entities to target Ukraine’s infrastructure with cyberattacks.

“We’ve seen it with the attack on their satellite systems, continuous wiper operations, and disruptive strikes against their government procedures.”

“I believe that this is a piece that is oftentimes overlooked by the general audience. They haven’t been idle; in fact, they have been tremendously active. And I think, you know, their tenacity is maybe the most fascinating narrative to all of us,” he remarked of Kyiv’s response.

The Biden administration stated on June 1 that it will provide Ukraine’s soldiers another $700 million in military supplies, including long-range missiles.

In a statement made by the White House, President Joe Biden said, “The United States will stand with our Ukrainian allies and continue to give Ukraine with weapons and equipment to protect itself.” The high mobility artillery rocket system “with battlefield ammunition” is one of these weapons.

This is why it is essential to pay attention to innovation, because it will tell you what the next 30 years will look like. Once the people are shaken to the core by events like global food shortages, record breaking violence, and sickness, they’ll submit to the globalist agenda. People want their fancy cars and nice houses. There is enormous potential in investing in the new age technology. However it will all be regulated by a global government soon.

This is only the beginning of a tsunami of cyber infrastructure being prodded at as people inevitably test their skills behind a computer in light of global political unrest. The truth is, cyber security is a cat and mouse game. Vulnerabilities are inherent in these complex systems because they’re built for the end user, and not to prevent people from snooping around in the back end. Most of the cyber infrastructure currently in place could be considered practically naked in terms of cyber security because there are so many ways to exploit data.

Why else would China go crazy for data like the leprechaun hoarding lucky charms in the old commercials? It’s valuable and its available; There’s a market for it, and you’re the product. Our complex way of life as a civilization has inadvertently created multiple back doors to be exploited by people more tech savvy than the rest of us. Technology related vulnerabilities can be expected to be magnified and exploited in the coming years for various reasons; political or criminally motivated.


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