Orphans Are in the Crosshairs of the Homosexuals

(HNewsWire) Homosexuality Has Everything To Do The Sin Virus, Death Comes Next–People have become unhuman… This war on God’s creation, a direct assault on humanity, Orphans are in the crosshairs of the homosexual, bisexual transgender circus. My concern is that the homosexual community has targeted these children in an effort to confuse and to convert an innocent child to the demonic world of transgender, homosexual behavior right in plain view of so-called Christian people, and the church that has not put forth a defense for the least among us our children and especially orphans. The first is usually an emotional problem, not really a sexual one. The transgendered” label reflects a sexual identity confusion and not a true condition. God doesn’t create a person with the genitals of a male and the consciousness and heart of a female. In Genesis … Continue reading Orphans Are in the Crosshairs of the Homosexuals