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Oppose There Plandemic, It’s Called Concentration Camps…

Since the year 2000, we have witnessed two epochal events, 9/11 and COVID-19. Both produced massive changes in civil liberty and government power, reducing the former and enhancing the latter.

The official narrative of 9/11 is unbelievable as it is contrary to all known science. The official narrative of Covid relies on running the PCR test at high cycles known to produce false positives in order to produce headlines of a scary high rate of infection. Covid deaths are magnified by ignoring co-morbidities and by counting even motorcycle deaths as Covid deaths. In the US, financial incentives were created for hospitals to report all deaths as Covid deaths. The flu season has been conflated with Covid and has disappeared. It is possible that more Covid patients were killed by ventilators than by Covid and by immune systems unsupported by adequate intake of vitamins C and D and  zinc. No Covid deaths were necessary as two proven and safe treatments—HCQ and Ivermectin—were available but banned by public authorities. Deaths were wanted in order to build fear in order for pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars on vaccine sales and in order for governments to impose more controls over citizens and more inhibitions of civil liberty.

In Florida there are no lockdowns, no mask mandates, no arrests of people for “non-compliance,” and Floridians are not dropping dead in the streets. Indeed, you would not know that there was a “Covid pandemic.” This indicates that the Covid pandemic is an orchestrated hoax with ulterior motives.

In the US, 9/11 was used not only to attack seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa on entirely false pretenses but also to attack the US Constitution. Habeas Corpus and due process were discarded by the “war on terror.” Consequently, today American civil liberty is much weakened.

In the article below, European Soren Korsgaard reports that the orchestrated “Covid pandemic” is being used throughout the Western world as an excuse for concentration camps.

Concentration Camps for Dissenters

Søren Roest Korsgaard

One of the most concerning aspects of the Covid orchestration, apart from mandatory vaccines, lockdowns, and destruction of civil liberties, is the construction of camps for those who dispute and disobey the Covid mandates.

The mainstream media is reporting on the camps in a positive light and ensures us that they are not really concentration camps [1]. For example, it has been widely reported in Europe that camps are being set up in several German states. Officially, they will be used to forcibly accommodate “repeated quarantine dodgers” and house “Covid dissidents” [2, 3]. Facilities exist or are underway in Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Brandenburg. In the state of Saxony “a shelter” is being built for housing Covid rule breakers; however, they will also have the opportunity to use “a locked hospital or other suitable accommodation” [2].

Shortly after the camp in Schleswig-Holstein was announced, it was reported that in the city of Flensburg from now on “only contact with members of your own household is allowed … violations … can be punished with a fine of up to 25,000 euros. Deliberate spread of Corona threatens a prison sentence of five years” [4]. “Deliberate spread” could probably be anything in non-compliance with Covid mandates.

In Berlin and Hamburg similar plans for facilities are underway. According to mainstream-friendly legal scholars, these camps are “legal” due to emergency powers granted to German authorities during a pandemic [3].

Information pertaining to the camps is limited for obvious reasons, but we do know that on January 18, 2021, it was reported that around 30 people had been forcibly sent to a detention camp in Eisenhüttenstadt, which is located in the state of Brandenburg [5] (figure 1). It is unsure if and when the detainees left the camp – and in what physical and psychological condition they were in upon their alleged release.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that no government, least of all the one in Washington, can be trusted with anything. For example, the George W. Bush regime told 935 lies about Iraq between 9/11 and the invasion [6]. The official rationale for the wars has changed over the years, but at one time it was to spread democracy and get revenge for 9/11, not for profit and to increase Israel’s clout in the Middle East. We now know that “bringing democracy” required the US-Alliance to cause millions of deaths and dislocations in the Middle East and North Africa [6]. Obama promised peace and an end to wars, but waged war against more than seven nations. In Obama’s last year, the US dropped an estimated 26,171 bombs [6, 7].

Considering the crimes and media coverups, we should probably read between the lines and do some thinking for ourselves when faced with the grim proposition of Covid isolation camps. When National Socialist Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao, and Pol Pot decided to systematically exterminate and torture people, they also covered up their intentions with disinformation. With this in mind, do you trust your government? Is your government somehow pure and honest and above board? Don’t bet your life on it.

What is the purpose of the Covid camps built throughout the Western World? As a direct result of 9/11 and Covid, many countries have enacted laws granting government the powers to detain people indefinitely, without trial or due process, and vaccinate people against their will. For example, even in small Denmark they have passed a law which gives government the power to forcibly detain citizens, isolate them in a hospital or other “suitable facility,” and also “forcibly treat” people who are – or are suspected of – suffering from a disease such as Covid [8]. If people resist, the police are called in. If governments around the globe have passed such laws, it is because they intend to tolerate no dissent.

Fig 1. Eisenhüttenstadt´s COVID-19 detention camp.

Germany is, of course, not the only country that is systematically establishing Covid detention camps. In fact, it appears to be taking place in the entirety of the Western world—Canada, New Zealand, and there are the notorious American FEMA camps which are found all over the US. It is difficult to assess whether or not they are also found in Russia and other non-western countries due to language barriers and secrecy, except China, which is well-known for having had concentration camps for years, housing various undesirables who are indoctrinated, or possibly enrolled in China´s alleged organ harvesting program [6, 9, 10]. The Chinese government has labeled the concentration camps “vocational training centers” and claims that the “vocational training” increases job opportunities and combats poverty [11].

In Canada, a spokesperson for Health Minister Patty Hajdu has assured the public that the camps are entirely voluntary to enter, and “the claim that the federal government is preparing to forcibly intern Canadians is patently false [12].” However, victims, including a mother whose son was detained because airline officials didn´t accept his negative Covid-19 test, have come forth expressing how they were forced into isolation [13]. One of them said, “I was escorted by police to a shuttle bus and taken to this hotel, which is fenced off from the public.” At the “Canadian Covid containment hotel,” he wasn´t allowed to leave his room and guards made sure he could not escape [13]. Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier posed the following questions to the government in October 2020:

“Yesterday, I asked this government if the people of Ontario should prepare for internment camps. In September, the federal government posted a call for expressions of interest for contractors to supply, provide, and manage quarantine isolation camps throughout every province and every territory in Canada. These quarantine isolation camps, however, are not limited to people with COVID, but provide a wide latitude for many people to be detained. Surely, this government is aware of the intentions to build these isolation camps from coast to coast, and my question to the premier is: How many of these camps will be built? And how many people does this government expect to detain?” [14].

Hillier´s questions went unanswered. Afterward, he again tried, “Here’s the RFP and in the RFP it uses clear language to express that these camps can be used for a broad spectrum of people, not limited to travelers; indeed, it doesn’t even mention international travelers. It’s just a broad latitude of people. … Where will these camps be built? How many people will be detained? And for what reason can people be kept in these isolation camps?” [14]. His questions remain unanswered.

It has also been reported that if New Zealanders refuse to take a Covid test, they will be put into camps [15]. Hoover Institution, Stanford University, senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson has condemned the camps and called them the end of personal freedom. The camps are perplexing, according to Hansen, as Covid has only resulted in 25 deaths on the Island [15]. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been forthcoming about the threat with the warning: “You either get your test done and make sure you are cleared, or we will keep you in a facility longer [15].”

It is perhaps significant that as early as February 2020 it was reported that “high-security coronavirus camps are … dotted around the globe. From the US west coast to a peninsula in northwest England and deep in the heart of Germany … In Britain, it’s a hospital; in the US an air base or six and in Australia it’s an island far from home” [16] (figure 2).

From another February 2020 article, we learn that the Pentagon was in the process of setting up multiple quarantine camps near airports in Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, California, Georgia, New York, Washington State, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Michigan [17]. At this time, 1107 people had allegedly died worldwide with (not of) Covid-19 [17]. In comparison, tuberculosis killed 1.4 million people in 2019, or about one person every 22 seconds, according to the World Health Organization. Pursuant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they have the “legal authority to detain any person who may have an infectious disease that is specified by Executive Order to be quarantinable” [18].

Fig 2. Australian Covid-camp.

The consequences of the Covid-deception are far reaching and multifarious, especially in regard to censorship. It is clear that a virtual war has been waged on dissenters and all those who oppose the official Covid narrative. The Establishment has successfully concentrated the vast majority of internet activity to just a few social media platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter), to one video sharing site (youtube), and one search engine (google). Being thoroughly entrenched in the Covid narrative, “Big Tech” companies have successfully eliminated numerous content creators who have questioned Covid and other Establishment narratives. Algorithms direct people to government friendly information, rather than skeptical websites. For example, a simple google search for “vaccine side effects” produces nine results all of which are pro-vaccine. Eight of them are about Covid vaccines and allege “Most side effects are a sign your immune system is responding well to the vaccine” [19].

Bill Gates, who has been called, “a worse danger to health and freedom than Covid,” [20] has founded several “fact checking groups” which discredit all information not in line with the official narrative. It is also important to briefly mention that Gates and the Establishment regard science as a tool for social control [6]. Dissenters are demonized. For example, it was widely reported that a “study” had found that “anti-maskers” are likely suffering from a serious personality disorder [21]. Another well-publicized “study” argued that drugs should be added to water supplies to minimize resistance to vaccines, the global warming narrative, and mask mandates [6]. Another “study” argued that “antimask behavior, antivaccine beliefs, conspiracy theories about the origins of Covid, and vocal support by elected officials for unproven therapies” likely emerge due to “neuropsychological impairments” [22]. In other words, scientists and social critics who disagree with official narratives are portrayed as brain damaged.

The war on free speech is ongoing and will not end soon. It is not far-fetched to imagine a scenario in which leading government skeptics are officially found to be “likely infected with an infectious disease” and transported to a camp. Thus far, we have had massive “tech-purges” that deprived people of their platform and income. The second step could be a Stalinist purge, which would be preceded by a heavy campaign of propaganda, turning the people against each other, thus minimizing resistance to the end-goal. During Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror, secret police arrested and transported political prisoners, intellectuals, government critics, and many others into camps where they would be tortured, murdered, or worked to death. Like governments today, Stalin’s agenda was not inhibited by facts and truth.

Søren Roest Korsgaard is the editor and publisher of The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published: Deadly Deception Exposed!  The book is available from,, and Barnes & Noble:  Korsgaard is also the editor and publisher of US-Imposed Post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide


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Source: paulcraigroberts

FEMA camps

as “death camps” for American citizens is just too incomprehensible, but after writing a lengthy suicide note exposing these terrifying plans the government has for American citizens, a US Customs Agent walked onto a pier in NYC and blew his brains out.


like other branches of this government, will quickly cover up any details from which anyone can begin to trace back to the truth of the facts.

Sources inside the New York City Police Department revealed to SuperStation95, the contents of a “suicide note” found on the body and they are terrifying.

The note, which was written over the course of a full week in advance, outlines why the officer chose to shoot himself:

“The America I grew up in, and cherished, has been murdered by its own


fema camp

government. Our Constitution has become meaningless and our laws politicized so badly, they are no longer enforced except for political purposes” the note said. “Our elected officials are, to a person, utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country which pays them. To them, everything is about getting and keeping power, and making illicit money from backroom deals.”

“I was hired to enforce the law; to capture and deport people who come to this country against our laws. But now, if I dare to do that, I face being suspended or fired because our President refuses to faithfully execute the duties of his office. Instead, I come to work each day, and collect a paycheck twice a month, for intentionally doing little to nothing. I cannot and will not be party to this fraud; to this usurpation of the law, or to the despicable politicians betraying our nation”

The 42-year-old U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officer shot himself with a 40 caliber service pistol inside Pier 40 in Hudson River Park at around 11 am. A source at the scene described how the officer calmly walked into the park, took out his pistol and shot himself in the head.

He worked as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officer and his offices were not far from the scene of the shooting.

This agent also knew the truth about FEMA camps.


He was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him.

ICE released a statement which read: ‘Tragically, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officer from the New York field office suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound and has passed away.’ It added: ‘The agency is not releasing further details pending notification of the officer’s next of kin.

The news of the agent’s apparent suicide was first reported by the New York City Park Advocates. Geoffrey Croft reported an unidentified source as saying, “It was heartbreaking, heartbreaking.” Croft said there were visitors to the park just a few feet away from the shooting scene.

One source told the Daily Mail’s Alexandra Genova that the agent walked calmly into the park, took out his pistol and shot himself in the head.

No motive for the apparent suicide was released pending the result of the department’s investigation.

The agent worked at a field office in lower Manhattan, just blocks away from his death.

In the note, the officer revealed what he claimed are “terrifying plans” the feds have been finalizing: FEMA death camps

“If the American people knew what this government is planning, they would rise-up and overthrow it. If I or anyone else in the federal government revealed what is coming, we would be killed anyway, so now I will reveal what I know.”


“We in federal law enforcement have been drilling for several years to control riots and uprisings from a coming financial collapse and widespread bank failures. The drills involve life-sized images of American men, even women and children, whom we are told to shoot for “practice” and to “get used to it.”

“We have been told that the economy is terminally ill and will fail in 2016. We are also told the banks are all insolvent and the FDIC doesn’t have nearly enough funds to bail out depositors. We are told these events are unavoidable and it is imperative that the government survive when people rise-up over this.”

“When the collapse takes place, detention camps created under the FEMA REX-84 program in the 1980’s to house illegal aliens whom we were going to deport, will instead be used to imprison American Citizens whom the government feels constitute a “threat.” American citizens will be rounded-up without warrants and imprisoned without trial for God knows how long.”

The Note goes on to say talk about state-level national guard being disarmed by the feds and over 1 Billion rounds of ammunition purchased by the feds and the Military over-deployed and being shrunk:

fema mall camp

“The government knows the military will rise-up to stop this, so our military is being deployed overseas, intentionally involved in foreign fights, and deliberately shrunk in size so they cannot be here or help Americans! This is why certain ammunition and weaponry has been removed from state-level National Guard Armories and over a Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition has been bought by the federal government. The states themselves have been disarmed of military-grade firepower so they cannot defend themselves from the federal activities. This is also why local police departments have been militarized and provided with armored vehicles and weapons of war.”

“When the inevitable collapse begins to take place, electric power to the entire country will be shut off, as will all forms of communication. All banks will be immediately closed; no one will be able to get any money because all ATM’s will be offline. Credit, Debit and EBT cards will not function. Anyone without cash will have no way to get any. The Emergency Alert System will be used to takeover all broadcast stations and tell the public this is a result of a cyber attack.”

But while the American people patiently await things to get back to normal, the government will unleash round-ups of citizens they deem militants or dangerous. With all civilian communications out, and all TV and radio stations taken over by the Emergency Alert System, by the time word spreads of what is taking place, the government will already have the upper hand.

Federal Prisoners to be GASSED TO DEATH


The note goes into a wide array of very specific plans and does so in extremely specific detail about what the feds are allegedly planning. For instance, it talks about federal prisons: FEMA death lists

“Every federal prison has been outfitted with lethal gas systems. When things go bad, all prisoners in all prisons will be placed in their cells on lock-down. Prison staff will depart the facility, and a certain designated person will trigger a lethal gas system. All federal prisoners, regardless of their crime or their sentence, will be gassed to death in their cells. Once the gas clears, the dead will be removed and the prisons will then be used to house citizens who fight against the federal onslaught.”


The note makes mention about Priests, Rabbis and Clerics from various religious denominations having been recruited and trained to quell resistance:

“So intent is the government to succeed they have recruited priests, rabbis and clerics from various religions to quote appropriate Scriptures about “obeying government.” They are being trained to tell people not to fight back and that their best hope is to pray.”


walmart building camp

The suicide note goes to great lengths about Executive Order #13603 signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012. The note details:

Executive order 13603 about “National Defense Resources Preparedness.”

This 10-page document is a blueprint for a federal takeover of the economy. Specifically, Obama’s plan involves seizing control of:

* “All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals”

* “All forms of energy”

* “All forms of civil transportation”

* “All usable water from all sources”

* “Health resources – drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment”

* Forced labor ( or “induction” as the executive order delicately refers to military conscription)

Federal officials would “issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”

This Executive Order from the Government Printing Office (GPO) web site and, sure enough, everything contained in the Officer’s suicide note about this Executive Order is true!

federal agents

Much of this language has appeared in national security executive orders that previous presidents have issued, but more than previous national security executive orders, Obama’s 13603 seems to describe a potentially totalitarian regime obsessed with control over everything.

Obama’s executive order makes no effort to justify the destruction of liberty, no effort to explain how amassing totalitarian control would enable government to deal effectively with cyber sabotage, suicide bombings, chemical warfare, nuclear missiles or other possible threats.

There’s nothing in executive order 13603 about upholding the Constitution or protecting civil liberties.

In what circumstances, one might ask, would a president try to carry out this audacious plan?

Executive order 13603 says with ominous ambiguity: during “the full spectrum of emergencies.”


The suicide note touches on the subject of “Preppers:”

“We in federal law enforcement have also been told that the government has a full database of all so-called “Preppers.” Those people will be dealt with first by armed federal agents coming to take their guns, then their food stocks, so food can be re-distributed as the government sees fit.”

If the dead Officer’s claims about an unavoidable economic and banking collapse are true, would it then follow that the Executive Order put in place by Obama, might be activated? Would all of us find ourselves in forced labor, while the government takes OUR food and re-distrubutes it under the Executive Order’s paragraph about “allocating resources?” This is terrifying stuff!


federal camps

It is not my intent to cause panic or alarm and while we expect readers to be intelligent enough to discern this on their own, we feel compelled to point out that these could simply be paranoid ramblings of an insane person who killed himself. Unfortunately, all the statements made by this agent are in line with many other sources and I suggest are NOT a fabrication at all.

On the other hand, these could also be revelations by a person who was so distraught over the ugly truth, that he killed himself or was murdered.


(1) ICE Agent Suicide in NYC: NY Daily News

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(5) Dept. of Homeland Security Orders 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition Forbes Magazine

(6) US Army over-deployed and intentionally shrunk ARMY TIMES

(7) Clergy Recruited by Gov’t to quell opposition KSLA-TV Channel 12

(8) Executive Order 13603 White House US Government Printing Office

On MAY 10, 2016

government issued a declaration that the SuperStation95 story was some sort of hoax, that they are somehow NOT a radio station, and attributed the story and this web site to a former FBI National Security Intelligence Asset named Hal Turner, whom she smears as a “White Supremacist.”

This is not the first time has made accusations against us simply because we have been the exclusive source of politically-incorrect news. And while we stand-by our stories in every regard, this barrage of attacks by is becoming libelous.

We address the accusation:

No aspect of our story above is a hoax. What seems to take issue with is the existence and content of a suicide note which was revealed to us by the NYPD.

The person from NYPD who gave us this information did so after trying to get two other New York Media outlets, (one TV, the other a newspaper) to publish the story and was rebuked within minutes by media contacts who said “we won’t touch this with a ten foot pole.” The fact that the NYPD now claim that “no note was found” does not surprise us at all.

The NYPD has very close ties with the feds and the feds have an intense interest in concealing or discrediting the information it contained. That’s nothing new!

FEMA and most agencies are all closely tied together for obvious reasons and it should never surprise anyone when there is little to no cooperation from them to the public.

FEMA and most agencies are all closely tied together for obvious reasons and it should never surprise anyone when there is little to no cooperation from them to the public. Source: thinkaboutit

As a Reminder Please Do Not Post HNewsWire Articles on Christian News Network, Now the End Begins ,Shoebat, Parler, Face Book, Reddit or Twatter Social Media Platform, We Are Not Comfortable With Their Anti-Christian — Anti-American Nazi Philosophy…Stevieray Hansen

StevieRay Hansen

[email protected]

Watchmen does not confuse truth with consensus The Watchmen does not confuse God’s word with the word of those in power…

In police-state fashion, Big Tech took the list of accused (including this site), declared all those named guilty and promptly shadow-banned, de-platformed or de-monetized us all without coming clean about how they engineered the crushing of dissent, Now more than ever big Tech has exposed there hand engaging in devious underhanded tactics to make the sinister look saintly, one of Satan’s greatest weapons happens to be deceit…

The accumulating death toll from Covid-19 can be seen minute-by-minute on cable news channels. But there’s another death toll few seem to care much about: the number of poverty-related deaths being set in motion by deliberately plunging millions of Americans into poverty and despair.

American health care, as we call it today, and for all its high-tech miracles, has evolved into one of the most atrocious rackets the world has ever seen. By racket, I mean an enterprise organized explicitly to make money dishonestly.

All the official reassurances won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit. The Globals are behind the CoronaVirus, It Is a Man-Made Bioweapon.


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