The Appearance Of False Christs, Wars And Rumors Of

Wars, Famines, And… Update 8/11/2020 Earthquakes Are “The Beginning Of Birth Pains”… Massive ‘Dragon-Shaped’ Windstorm Headed for Chicago An enormous “derecho” storm cluster with winds up to 100mph has taken shape in the midwestern US, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake and heading straight for Chicago – as if the Windy City doesn’t have enough problems. The devastating storm – given the rare classification of “Particularly Dangerous Situation” by government meteorologists – is expected to pummel northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin with winds of up to 100mph (160kph) through 7pm local time, according to the US Storm Prediction Center. Potentially causing more damage than a tornado, a derecho is defined as a “line” of thunderstorms stretching at least 250 miles (402km) with wind gusts above 58mph including multiple separated gusts of over 75mph. Damage caused by such formations is … Continue reading The Appearance Of False Christs, Wars And Rumors Of