The Corona Virus Is a False Flag — The Virus

Is REAL Man-Made in China… For the purpose of frightening the masses into believing this was a killer virus, just the opposite, it was a man-made virus made in China for the purpose of yoking the population of entire planet., We Have Been Deceived… The Covid 19 fiasco was man-made in a lab in China with the blessings of the ungodly, Bill Gates, and his band of demons, those that promoted the vaccine as a miracle cure for Seasonal flu, wanting to turned Covid 19 into a deadly plandemic. We have all been played, at this point these New World Order pukes are extremely dangerous. God only knows what their next move will be, but time will tell. We need to keep our eye on Australia, apparently that country will be the poster child for the New World Order going … Continue reading The Corona Virus Is a False Flag — The Virus