The Liberal Wing of the DNC, The loony left…..

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Source: The Liberal Wing of the DNC, The loony left…..

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The number of Orphans aging out of Child Protective Custody has grown at an alarming rate. The 127 Faith Foundation receives many requests each week to house them at our ranch. Our prayer is that the good people of our country will step up to the challenge and offer financial support for "the least among us." We need your help! StevieRay Hansen, Founder, The 127 Faith Foundation


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Study: ‘Virus’ is Identical to Normal Cell ‘structures’ — Puts Another Nail in The Coffin For The Existence of Sars-Cov-2

By StevieRay Hansen | June 18, 2021

Not Corona Viruses, and Satan Soldiers at CDC Among Others, Has Known This Fact Since at Least 2004… Fauci has a warped perception of reality.…

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Vaccine Passports Are Being Rolled Out Across the World Including the u.s, Biden Administration is “Seriously

By StevieRay Hansen | June 18, 2021

Looking Into Establishing Some kind of federal vaccine passport system… As reported by Ron Paul in his Liberty Report,1,2 which streamed live March 29, 2021,…

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Member Of Parliament In Finland Warns Government That They Are Guilty Of Genocide For Misleading Public On COVID-19

By StevieRay Hansen | June 18, 2021

Injections… Ano Turtiainen, member of Parliament of Finland, gave a straight speech 9.6.2021 about possible COVID vaccine genocide going on in Finland. He warned all…

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Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremberg Code? Nuremburg Code #1: Voluntary Consent is Essential, Do You

By StevieRay Hansen | June 18, 2021

Hear The People Bill Gates?… THE STORY: Those running the COVID cult are engaging in forced medical experimentation upon the world population via mandatory masks…

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The Fall Of Satan Soldier Anthony Fauci, Americans Assumed “That the Man in Charge of Protecting the Us From Covid Must Be

By StevieRay Hansen | June 18, 2021

Rational and Impressive,” Adding “We Also Assumed He Must Be Honest. but We Were wrong… Bill Gates Is Next… Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ripped “the utter…

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