Watchman: Hitler’s Play Book, This Is Looking More and More Like the 3RD Reich… And That Biden’s “Set” For His “Rant” Tonight Was Pure Hitler-Esque. And Remember… Hitler Disbanded All Opposition Political Parties… Satan Soldier Biden’s Regime Is Laying the Groundwork

SRH: Once Again We See Our Gov Attacking American’s—DOJ Announces Hate Crimes and ‘Bias-Related’ Initiatives Including Reporting Hotline. Hitler Play Book,He Was Exceptionally Good at This, Turning the People Against One Another, This Admin Seem to be Following Hitler, The Real Persecuted ,The American People. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted, “Is Joe about to announce the roundup of all Trump voters?” “This is pure hate speech if ever there was one.” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused Biden of dividing the country. “Tonight, Joe Biden vilified millions of Americans in a divisive and angry speech divorced from the reality of his political failures.” “He isn’t interested in restoring the nation’s soul; he is only interested in pitting his fellow Americans against one another,” Cruz said. Biden accused conservatives of being fascists, despite the fact that his own administration has acted like……...

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