You Won't Believe What Happened Next

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When Orphans Make a Wish

We asked our orphans what they needed. This is what they said...

Bankster Crime - They're Coming for You

A website exposing the evils and corruption of the World Banking System. Click!

Saved From HELL? Think Again!

99.9% Of People Are Going To HELL FOREVER! Even When They're ''Good''!

The Bible Doesn’t Have Any Nice Things to Say About a Reprobate or a Reprobate

Mind!... A reprobate mind is a mind that is given over to sinful passions and ungodly desires. It ...
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Death Angel Visit the Ungodly, the Demonic, China and America Who’s Next

Update 8/11/2020 China Faces Food Shortage As Droughts, Flooding, And Pests Ruin Harvest Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua ...
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Once Upon a Time a Relatively High Level of Intelligence Was Required to Be a Professor

Today, the Only Requirement Is the Ability to Talk Trash and Fog a Mirror... A reprobate mind is ...
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Update Governor of California Gavin Newsom (Belial) Bans Singing At Churches, Christian Persecution Will Be

The new norm California residents are still free to attend church. But they have been restricted from singing ...
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Pres. Trump Has a Price on His Head, Thanks to Progressives Like Nancy Pelosi

Chuck Schumer and the Hollywood Pedophile Elitist So Every Nutcase in the World Wants to Become Famous by ...
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This Group Plans To Lay Siege To” & “Occupy” The White House Next Month The group that takes credit

for the Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011 has a new and even more outrageous plan in mind. ...
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Update 8/10/2020″A Tsunami of Rage” Is Gathering and About to Be Unleashed Across the Globe

Will Start in Lebanon and spread It's Exactly What the New World Order Elitist Want, the Script to ...
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Failed Welfare State California Will Soon Be Paying $1,250 to People Who Test Positive for Coronavirus

Always looking for ways to one-up its own failed welfare state and run the Covid score up on ...
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Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today Many of the planetary

controllers are blood feasting pedophiles, parasitic monsters literally and predatorily feeding off the 8 million children gone missing each year ...
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PROTEST PATRIOT PRAYER... A “scoffer” is one who mocks Christ, ridicules the things of God, and opposes the ...
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One of Satan Soldiers Has Found His Voice, Fed President Urges “Stricter Lockdown”

to "Save Lives & Save the Economy"... Several places in the Bible there are references to worthless persons (Deut. 13:13; ...
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Bill Gates, Reprobate Is Wanted in Two Different Countries, in Numerous Lawsuits

Over Vaccine Side Effects and Will Not Agree That His Family Should Be First in Line for the ...
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The Freedom to Move From One Area to Another Is Gone and May

Never Be Restored, You Will Need Permission to Move From One State to Another State in the Near ...
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Update (8/9/2020) Death Angel Moving Into New Territory: Governors, Senators

and Congressmen in America Will Start Tested Positive for the "Pestilent" God Speaking Not Many Listen... Rep. Rodney ...
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Edward O'Hara Sun 8/9/2020 10:06 AM... Do you believe that God is love as John says in 1John4:7,8? ...
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