Satan Soldier Bill Gates Destroyed Children’s Lives

in Africa and India Now Turns His Attention on America's Population... His Rhetoric Has Been Increasingly Intolerant of ...
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Across The World, Satan Soldiers Working For

Governments Are Using Their Only Tool Which is Force, or the Threat of — in a Futile Attempt ...
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Massive Child Sex Ring Busted at State Youth

Facility—Hundreds of Kids Tortured and Raped... Concord, NH — According to a recent investigation by the state of ...
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Satan Soldiers and The New World Order

A Frightening And Dystopian Future… The Fourth Industrial Revolution, finally, will change not only what we do but also ...
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Satan Soldiers Are Demanding Cable Outlets Censor

Right-Wing News Going Forward, Hell on Earth… Not even two months into their reign as the majority party that ...
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Queens New York Is Just the Beginning of

This Nation's Sorrow, Food Banks Are Stretched to the Limit... People Should Make Preparations for Our Country to ...
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Canada To Censor “Hurtful” Comments About Politicians

America Is Next, Implement Internet Kill-Switch... ...but, constituents to remain fair game for abuse from party apparatchiks. A ...
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Depopulation Of The World From COVID-19 Crisis

& Great Reset... One of America’s most secret intelligence agency Deagel forecasts in its latest report, the depopulation of ...
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Satan Soldiers Moves to the Great Reset

With Biden in Office by Way of Fraud, Our Planners Have Almost Completed Their NWO Ungodly Agenda… As ...
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The Ungodly NWO Planners Are Insisting No Oil

No God and No Guns "Hell on Earth"… (T)he actual new world order is the long-running scheme on ...
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Satan Soldiers Solution to Plandemic: A Treaty

That Creates a New World Order (NWO)… The answer to the pandemic, brought to us by the elite ...
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Satan Soldiers Have Been Busy Planning Vaccine

Passports Began at Least 20 Months Prior to the Start of the Covid-19 Outbreak… With the world being ...
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Satan Soldier Fauci Says the Next Few Weeks

“ARE GOING TO BE CRITICAL” AS HE FEAR MONGERS... Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head medical tyrant in the ...
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Satan Soldier Dr. Anthony Fauci: Americans Must

‘Do What You’re Told’ Despite ‘Independent Spirit’ — Hey Dr. Fauci Kiss Our American A**… Americans Will Not ...
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Vaccine Passports Are Being Rolled Out Across the World

Including the u.s… As reported by Ron Paul in his Liberty Report,1,2 which streamed live March 29, 2021, ...
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