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When Orphans Make a Wish

We asked our orphans what they needed. This is what they said...

Bankster Crime - They're Coming for You

A website exposing the evils and corruption of the World Banking System. Click!

Update: 9/22/2020 Governments Around The World to Restrict Movement of

The People " HardLockDown"... Melbourne Police Surround & Arrest 2 Elderly Women Resting On Park Bench For 'COVID ...
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Satan Soldiers Are Busy Destroying Each Other, That Is the Way It Will

Be Throughout Tribulations… The Christ Haters: They Perverted Justice Among Themselves (V. 7): “You Turn Judgment to Wormwood, ...
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It’s a Chinese Fire Drill That Has Gone Completely Demonic, Satan Soldiers

Chasing their tails... The “death count” was always the headline. ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s president, who has long ...
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Satan Soldiers Are Becoming Confuse the Right Hand Doesn’t Know What the Left

Hand Is Doing That Could Be Dangerous for the Second Round of Global Lockdowns… In Stunning Reversal, CDC ...
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Dr. Lockdown Fauci, CDC, Who, and the Unreliable New World Order Can’t Keep

Their Stories Straight... Are we on the verge of a second wave of coronavirus infections? Is there a ...
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We Need to Be Well-Grounded, Know the Difference Between the Truth

and a Lie... Watching and Preparing How many times have we read scripture from John, Ezekiel, Daniel and ...
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LGBTQE Goal Is Destruction of Christianity in Society, E Is For Evil

Specifically, we are in Tribulation... Did you think that the LGBTQE agenda was primarily to win acceptance and ...
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Birth Pains of the New World Order — One World Currency Enslaved by

Its False Promises... Acts 5:29 The problem with the acceptance and approval of any New World Order is ...
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America Doesn’t Know Right From Wrong, Because We’ve Thrown Out the Bible

Biblical truth, which happens to be foreign to a lot of people, the epidemic, the sin virus has ...
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The Antichrist Is the Main Catalyst That Brings Us a New World Order

Many speculate that there is an ongoing effort behind-the-scenes to bring a New World Order, a global government, ...
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The Globalists Are Positioning For The New World Order PlayBook, and The

Tribulation, What Mark Zuckerberg’s Cryptocurrency Testimony Shows About Facebook’s Libra Strategy... Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg makes rounds of ...
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Death Angel Believes Gov. Newsom Is Brain Dead, Climate Change Happens

Every Day in Fact Every Minute of the Day by God's Design… Fires, blackouts, high taxes, poverty, scarce ...
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How Big Banks Have for Years Engaged With Dirty Money, While the Working

Class Struggle, It Is the Elitist Way of Doing Things and the New World Order Will Even Be ...
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The Ungodly NWO Planners Are Insisting No Oil, No God and No Guns

"Hell on Earth"… (T)he actual new world order is the long-running scheme on the part of a small ...
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The Planners of COVID 19 Have Promised us a Dark Winter We Are Now Witnessing

the Domino Start to Fall Next Stop Unless God intervenes, Welcoming the New World Order January 1, 2021, ...
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