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When Orphans Make a Wish

We asked our orphans what they needed. This is what they said...

Bankster Crime - They're Coming for You

A website exposing the evils and corruption of the World Banking System. Click!

It’s Not in God’s Plan Yet, It Will Be at Least Four Years Plus Before

This Great Reset That Satan Soldier Biden Talks About With Such Confidence… The Great Reset Cannot Be Complete ...
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A Deeper Look Into the World of Satan’s Lieutenants, Democratic Austin Mayor

Urged Citizens "Not to Relax… Stay Home" While Vacationing in Cabo… George Orwell’s Animal Farm gave us the useful phrase “All ...
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In My Opinion, We Are Already Under a Form of Martial Law Martial law is

the imposition of direct military control of normal civil functions or suspension of civil law by a government, especially in ...
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Cyber Warfare: These Were Acts of War Against America, Using Cyber Warfare

Weapons and Techniques Used by Google CEO, Facebook CEO, Twatter CEO, George Soros, and His Band of Demons. ...
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There’s No Doubt Where This Country Is Headed, Retired 3-Star General McAnarney

Calls for President Trump to Invoke Insurrection Act ,Suspend Habeas Corpus, Declare Martial Law and Initiate Mass Arrests ...
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CDC Admits Their Numbers on COVID Are off by a Huge Amount

FILE - This Nov. 19, 2013 file photo shows a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logo at ...
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Technology Now Exists to Have Complete Control Over Individuals by Injecting COVID

Vaccine With These Nano-Particles, Where They Can Monitor Everyone’s Activity, Beasts of Revelation. Dr. Northrup Discusses “Worst Case ...
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“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” Today, America’s Famous Battle Cry

Has Been Replaced by a Masked and Muffled Gasp That Advises, Without Hope of a Second Opinion, “Give ...
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Update: Pestilence of Biblical Proportions Has Mutated Into the Global Communities

South Korean Duck Farm Suffers Outbreak Of "Highly Pathogenic" H5N8 Bird Flu, While Highly Contagious... Isn't Contagious to ...
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Satan Soldiers, Mad Men State Premiers, Governors and Prime Ministers Across Australia

the USA, the UK, Canada and New Zealand Will Try to Push Another Dan Andrews, Cuomo — Style ...
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Satan Soldiers Are Having Trouble With Their We’re All Gonna Die’ Narrative

Johns Hopkins Takes Down Study Showing Us Deaths in 2020 No Different Than Prior Years… Johns Hopkins University ...
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The Who’s Dr. Tedros Has Apparently Noticed the Slowdown in New Cases, He

Must be Handing Down Orders to Satan Soldiers New Jersey's Governor, New York's Governor, Michigan's Governor, and Most ...
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When Sin Is Legalized and Christianity Is Criminalized, It’s Hell on Earth

AKA "Tribulation"... Norway Criminalizes Hate Speech Against Transgender People . . . in Private Homes or Conversations. We ...
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No Rule of Law, No Police, No Leadership, No Free Speech, No

Functioning Markets and No Equal Protection Under the Law… You Basically Are on Your Own… In several places ...
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Lawlessness Will Abound in the Days Ahead, It’s Fair to Say That

This Country's People Are on Their Own, All Hell Is About to Break Loose … A federal judge ...
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