HNewsWire will no longer use ScrewYouTube, Parler, Gab, Twatter or FakeBook, either as content sources or platforms for our news articles. In case you've missed it, we're at war... a spiritual war. Using demonic news sources from unscrupulous news outlets will not be tolerated on HNW. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining!

Fear God, not man. Fear of God is a foundation of morality. In the Book of Exodus, Egyptian midwives were ordered by the Pharaoh to kill all newborn Hebrew boys. They disobeyed the divine king of Egypt. Why? Because “the midwives feared God.” In America today, more people fear the print, electronic and social media than fear God.

The Same Shady People — A.K.A Satan Soldiers Own Big Pharma and the Media BlackRock/Vanguard and Their Globalist

Owners Might Be Able to Facilitate the Great Reset and the So-Called “Green” Revolution, Both of Which Are ...
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Haters Will Hate Those Who Speak the Truth, The Fundamental Conflict in Our Culture and in Our Politics Right Now is a Simple one

It is a conflict between those who love the truth and speak the truth and those who hate ...
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Are you a Fake Christian and a Member of the Do not Judge Cult? What is a fake Christian? What is a Fake Christian? I Think the Answer

Depends Upon How You Define “Christian” the Bible says that a Christian is one who has faith in ...
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The “Great Reset” is Meant to Be a Global Project; Meaning, No One is Allowed to Opt Out, You Cannot Leave the System, Because

Everything is Fine, and if You Left People Might Think Something is Wrong and Then Everything Would Not ...
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America Has Fallen into the Hands of God Haters, Warmongers, and Moral Reprobates,Reprobate and “Rejected” are the Same Word

Here... In times past, it was American leadership worldwide which provided a haven for religious freedom. Now that ...
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The Wuhan BSL-4 Lab Is Also a Specially Designated World Health Organization (Who) Research Lab,They Are Lying

and Dr. Boyle Contends That (Who) Knows Full Well What Is Occurring In That Lab In China… Just ...
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Satan Is Building The One World Religion, The Image Will Be Worship During The Great Tribulation, All The False Prophets as Seen on TV

From Joel Osteen to Kenneth Copeland will be there, as well as the lost celebrities from Oprah to ...
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New World Order Economy Includes Universal Basic Income and Vaccination Requirements In the U.S. this

idea has already been implemented in 2020 through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – a guaranteed loan program ...
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Once the Events of the End Times Begin, They Will Happen Quickly During the Tribulation Period, The World

Will Be Ruled By a Godless Man Presiding Over an Evil Governmental System. The Bible Associates This End-Times ...
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The Warrior’s Mouth Is Filled with Prayers and Bold Speech His Sword Has No Scabbard and His Back Has No Armor, for the Retreat Is

Unthinkable… Anyone Interested in Social Justice Who Doesn’t Know Jesus Is like a Blind Man Demanding That the ...
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Study: ‘Virus’ is Identical to Normal Cell ‘structures’ — Puts Another Nail in The Coffin For The Existence of Sars-Cov-2

Not Corona Viruses, and Satan Soldiers at CDC Among Others, Has Known This Fact Since at Least 2004… ...
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Vaccine Passports Are Being Rolled Out Across the World Including the u.s, Biden Administration is “Seriously

Looking Into Establishing Some kind of federal vaccine passport system... As reported by Ron Paul in his Liberty ...
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Member Of Parliament In Finland Warns Government That They Are Guilty Of Genocide For Misleading Public On COVID-19

Injections... Ano Turtiainen, member of Parliament of Finland, gave a straight speech 9.6.2021 about possible COVID vaccine genocide ...
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Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremberg Code? Nuremburg Code #1: Voluntary Consent is Essential, Do You

Hear The People Bill Gates?... THE STORY: Those running the COVID cult are engaging in forced medical experimentation ...
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The Fall Of Satan Soldier Anthony Fauci, Americans Assumed “That the Man in Charge of Protecting the Us From Covid Must Be

Rational and Impressive," Adding "We Also Assumed He Must Be Honest. but We Were wrong… Bill Gates Is ...
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