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The 127 Faith Foundation runs a Texas ranch to support young men in crisis.

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The Pentagon Is Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios, U.S. ARMY Admits It’s Conducting a Classified “Secret Operation” near D.C.

Birth Pains, in recent years, several news reports of water turning a blood-red color have appeared. A canal ...
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Artificial intelligence to pave way for ANTICHRIST

MY MISSION IS NOT TO CONVINCE YOU, ONLY TO INFORM… The Bible really does not say anything specific ...
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US ARMY Defines Christian Ministry as ‘Domestic Hate Group Simply stated, the sixth of the Ten Commandments forbids ...
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Teachers Arrested Every Day for Sex Crimes with School Children, June- July Report

There is a principle found in Jesus’ words about children. Jesus used a child to teach His disciples ...
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Sex Offender, Pedophile, and Child Rapist July Arrest-As It Happens, Birth Pains

Pedophiles share the characteristic of being “without natural affection” (Romans 1:31; 2 Timothy 3:2). The phrase “without natural affection” ...
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Creepy “Drag Queen” at Dallas Public Library Reads Book “What Color Is Your Underwear”

Deuteronomy 22:5 deals with the issue cross-dressing/transvestism (men dressing in women’s clothing and vice versa). In this passage, God ...
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The Democrats Plan to Nationalize Land, Democratic Socialism in Action

If given the opportunity our elected officials will strip away our dignity and identity, and we will be ...
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So-Called Pastors, Priest, Sex Crimes As-It-Happens June, July Update

Sexual abuse perpetrated against a child is a deplorable reality of living in a sin-stricken world. The psychological, ...
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“Human history is the long terrible story of a man trying to find something other than God which ...
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Ebola Has Spread To City of 2 Million—Called “Gamechanger” Birth Pains

The Biblical Prophecies of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24, Revelation 6) foretell that pestilence is a sign of the ...
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Birds Falling From Sky Bleeding At Eyes & Beaks In Australia Birth Pains

The word translated “pestilence” is often translated as “plague” or “disaster” in new versions of the English Bible. ...
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Hypocrite: Kamala Harris, a Critic of Acosta’s Epstein Plea Deal

In essence, “hypocrisy” refers to the act of claiming to believe something but acting in a different manner. ...
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A Long Journey Home Book Cover

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