Watchman: The Suffering Is Immeasurable, and Those Harmed Tend Not to Understand Why. There Is No Peace Without Him

By SRH,  The pain is indescribable, and individuals affected frequently don't comprehend why. Without him, there can be no peace.

US regulatory organizations frequently assert that vaccination lowers the risk of long-term COVID, while the reverse is actually true.
If we want to be healthy, we should do the opposite of everything they tell us about COVID and MRSA.

Researchers found spike protein in the bloodstream of patients with long-term COVID-19 two months after vaccination and infection, indicating that spike protein may stay in the body for a lot longer than previously thought and may not stay at the injection site.

The study, which came out on December 27 in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, looked at 81 people with long COVID syndrome. It found viral spike protein in one person who had already recovered from infection and vaccine spike protein in two people who had gotten their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least two months before the study. Samples taken from the control group that did not get vaccinations tested negative for spike protein.

"This study supports the existence of a potential mechanism that causes the persistence of spike protein in the human body for much longer than predicted by early studies by demonstrating that both natural and vaccine spike protein may still be present in long-term COVID patients,” the authors wrote, citing agreement with other published investigations.

While US regulatory bodies assert that vaccination against COVID-19 can lower the chance of contracting long-term COVID, other studies indicate the illness might be brought on by an excessive immune response to the spike protein in COVID-19 vaccinations, which is intended to create antibodies.

In a study released in the Journal of Medical Virology in February 2023, researchers looked at the viral RNA and spike protein levels in individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 who had and did not have protracted COVID. They discovered that patients with prolonged COVID had higher odds of having spike protein and viral RNA. Thirty percent of patients with long COVID were positive for both viral RNA and spike protein, while none of the patients without long COVID were positive for either.

The CDC said that the spike protein was "harmless" and disintegrated quickly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that the spike protein the body produces following a COVID-19 vaccination is a “harmless piece of spike protein” when the vaccines were originally approved. The organization added that spike protein, like other proteins, "breaks down within a few weeks" and doesn't "last long in the body."

According to estimates from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, a resource center with a cooperation agreement with the CDC, the spike proteins made by COVID-19 vaccines only persist in the body for a few weeks.

Since then, the CDC has changed and deleted portions of its webpage that said spike protein was innocuous and that it didn't stay in the body for very long.

They have created millions of bioweapons, and each vaccination further spreads the COVID epidemic. More important issues go unnoticed, such as the DNA contamination and the SV40 promoter gene in the Pfizer injections.

The continued use of COVID vaccines in spite of information obtained from numerous reliable and well-known scientists across the globe indicates a deliberate attempt to cause injury and even death. The logical conclusion is that there must be billions of dollars of shut-up money out there for the NIH, CDC, FDA, and EMA.

Instead of promoting American health, the CDC is harming people through falsehoods and deceit that benefit companies like Moderna and Pfizer that produce mRNA gene transfer therapy.

Say this again with me: They are not awful enough, but this is not a vaccine. Gene therapy is this. In its SEC filing, Moderna identified it as gene therapy rather than vaccination. Its protection comes from the fact that it is referred to as a vaccination, and we can hold all elected people accountable for supporting this. EVERY ONE OF THEM!

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