Watchman’s Update: The Kings of Hell, a Top Lucifer World Economic Forum (WEF) Official Stated That “Human Rights Are Fiction, Just Like God.”They are The Most Anti-God Group on the Planet and They Want To Control Humanity


The King of Hell, A top Lucifer World Economic Forum (WEF) official stated that "human rights are fiction, just like God."

The remarks were made in a newly discovered video of Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is widely regarded as the mastermind of the WEF's anti-human agenda. He is a senior counselor to the globalist organization and its founder and chairman, Professor Klaus Schwab.During a Ted Talk, WEF architect Harari discusses why he believes "useless humans" should not have any rights.

Before comparing humans to "jellyfish" and chimpanzees, Harari mocks the general people for their "belief in human rights." "But human rights are just like Heaven, and like God - it's just a fictional story that we've invented and spread around," Harari said. "It could be a very nice story," he adds. "It may be a very appealing story.

"You want to believe it, but it's only a story." "It is not a reality," he says. "This is not a biological reality. "Just as jellyfish, woodpeckers, and ostriches have no rights, so do homosapiens.

"Take a human, cut him open, and look inside," he explained. "You locate the blood, the heart, the lungs, and the kidneys, but there are no rights. "The only place you find rights is in the fiction stories that humans have invented and spread around."

Harari subsequently shifted his argument to support the WEF's borderless globalist objective."The same thing is also true in the political field," he went on to say. "States and nations are also, like human rights, and like God, and like Heaven - they too are just stories."

Harari then continued on his open-border narrative by criticizing America and Israel, claiming they do not exist in "reality." "A mountain is a reality," he explained.

"You can see, feel, and smell it. "But Israel and the United States are merely stories. "Very compelling stories, which we might like to believe.

"But they're only stories. "You can't really see the United States, you cannot touch it, you cannot smell it."

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