A Biblical View of Transhumanism—Watchman Definition: Transhuman Should Be Considered Anti-Human, Anti-Christ Demonic Movement That Works In Opposition of GOD Authority

HNewsWire: Transhumanism is one of the most dangerous and diabolical philosophical ideas in our post-postmodern era. The feeble-minded masses are being brainwashed with transhumanist propaganda through movies and TV shows, such as the pathetic attempts at humor in Amazon Prime’s Upload or the abomination that is the Vision – a mere AI turned into a synthetic humanoid – in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Transhumanism is the inevitable outcome of the theory of evolution: that humanity will keep evolving as it always has, probably hastening the process through our technological advancements. But beware, for this evolution will bring about a new era of power and domination. Stefan Sorgner’s book Post- and Transhumanism: An Introduction reveals the sinister truth that humans must seize control of evolution and recklessly integrate technology into their very being, all in the name of a twisted……...

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