China Continues Invading Taiwan’s Military Airspace.

After sending 39 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone [ADIZ] on Jan. 23, a record high for a single day this year, China is showing no signs of lessening its hostility towards the island in 2022. According to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, the latest incursion featured 34 J-16 and J-10 fighter jets, one H-6 bomber, and four electronic warfare aircraft. Taiwan’s military responded by scrambling fighter jets, issuing radio alerts, and deploying air defense missile systems to keep an eye on the situation. Since September 2020, Taiwan’s defense ministry has been disclosing information about Chinese incursions amid a dramatic increase in the number of such flights. According to the government, there were roughly 380 sorties in 2020. In 2021, the number of sorties nearly increased, to 961. On Oct. 4, last year, the Chinese regime’s strongest display of force occurred…


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