Christ Is Born

The Bible is very clear about why Christ was born. The Bible tells us that He was born to “take away the sin of the world”(John1:29). And Jesus said that this sin was that “they believe not on me”(John16:9). Because it is in believing in Jesus that we have the eternal life that Jesus was born to provide for us.  For Israel, this would begin by Him fulfilling the law so that it could pass away(Mt.5:17,18). This was necessary for Israel because as long as they were under the law they could not be joined with Jesus for eternal life(Rom.7:1-4). Because while they were under the law they were “kept shut up unto the faith which should afterward be revealed.”(Gal.3:23).  And for the Gentiles(all who are not Israelites) Jesus came to offer them the same New Covenant He brought to Israel.…


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