Watchman Has Seen the Light, Thanks to Dr. Paul Elias Alexander. Dr. Malone Is Threatening to Sue Dr. Paul Alexander for Asking Legitimate Questions About mRNA Demon Technology. Dr. Malone Has Stuff to Sell for Your Health,Really?

HNewsWire: Malone Sent John Littell to Tell Me if I Keep Asking Malone the Crushing Mrna Questions I Do, He Will Sue Me; I Say to Malone, Take Your Best Shot, We Will Return It in Kind; You Must Answer Questions Your Malone mRNA technology with Kariko & Weissman et al. has killed people! It is your technology & you must answer how you benefit & why you did not stop it, it’s that simple, we just have questions Dr. Paul Alexander May 23, 2023 Sorry John, no deal. Let me say I did consider Littell a friend and did work with him prior on the COVID fight. I really appreciated John and liked him but again, another falls to the Malone fraud, the horses, the ranch, the package so to speak. The law suit threats, all of it. This…


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