The BlackRock CEO Claims That the Ukraine War Marks the End of Globalization; He Is a Walking Talking Demon and a Major Architect of the New World Order, a.k.a One World Government

HNewsWire-According to Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, the conflict in Ukraine would put a stop to globalization as governments and corporations break connections with Russia, while a large-scale reorientation of supply chains will be inflationary.

"The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put a stop to the globalization we have enjoyed over the previous three decades," Fink said in a March 24 letter to shareholders, noting that the Russian attack in Ukraine has prompted states to cut financial and commercial relations with Moscow.

"United in their strong desire to defend the Ukrainian people," Fink said, "they started a 'economic war' against Russia."

Russia has been sanctioned severely for what it refers to as a "special military operation" in Ukraine. Russian banks and rich billionaires have been targeted, airspace has been closed to Russian jets, and the transfer of important technology has been prohibited.

The penalties also include a hold on over $300 billion in Russia's central bank hard currency assets, an extraordinary measure that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov condemned on March 23 as "theft."

In his letter, Fink said that capital markets, financial institutions, and corporations have gone above and beyond government-imposed restrictions, rapidly terminating long-standing commercial and investment partnerships.

He projected that Russia's decoupling from the global economy will lead governments and corporations to reassess their manufacturing and assembly footprints in general, as well as their reliance on other countries.

"This may lead to corporations onshoring or nearshoring more of their activities, culminating in a speedier pullback from certain nations," Fink said.

Firms would face hurdles as they attempt to restructure their supply networks, he said.

"This separation will obviously provide corporations with issues, such as rising expenses and margin constraints."

"While corporations' and consumers' financial sheets are robust now, providing them with greater cushion to weather these issues," he continued, "a large-scale reorientation of supply chains would inevitably be inflationary."

Fink said that central banks are in a difficult position, assessing how quickly to hike rates in order to limit skyrocketing inflation, which has been compounded by the crisis in Ukraine and the attendant oil price shocks.

"Central banks must decide whether to accept greater inflation or to impede economic activity and employment in order to reduce inflation swiftly," he added.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time since 2018, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell warned on Monday that the US central bank must act "expeditiously" and maybe "more forcefully" to boost rates in order to prevent an upward price spiral from getting entrenched.

Annual inflation in Russia increased to 14.5 percent in March, the sharpest rate since 2015, according to the economics ministry on Wednesday, as the damaged ruble drove prices skyrocketing in the face of harsh Western sanctions.

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HNewsWire-The International Atomic Energy Agency is the world’s central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the nuclear field. It works for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, contributing to international peace and security and the United Nations‘ Sustainable Development Goals. The IAEA works in close partnership with Member…

Blueprint for the NWO..

By StevieRay Hansen | February 24, 2017 |

With the hateful outcry, sometimes foul degrading remarks against the Pope and Mr. Obama on the one side and the revered, deep emotional, sometime bordering on a worshipful, response on the other side, it throws the entire Christian world into deeper division enamored with greater confusion. If you are in either one of these camps…

SRH: (T)he actual new world order is the long-running scheme of a small clique of ultra-wealthy families, loosely grouped around the British monarchy and European aristocracy – the financial center being the City of London – and a plethora of other secretive societies and institutions – comprising a Neo-Roman Empire – whose intention is to abolish the current order of nation-states and subject mankind to a totalitarian, global dictator

The architects of the new global order eventually want to eradicate Christianity, the scientific and cultural heritage of the Renaissance, and impose a terminal "final solution" to the multiplicity of insoluble societal issues by drastically lowering the world's population. (EIR – The Empire's Genocide Policy)

While WatchMan works to notify the people in order to prevent the republic from slipping into the hands of dictators, they are unaware that the impending new global order has been sanctioned by GOD himself. It is his weird and peculiar labor, as prophesied in Isaiah. Because God foretold long ago that he would subject the world to the ravages of the wild beast during the system's conclusion and that Satan's new world order scheme will ultimately fulfill Jehovah God's grand purpose, God states in the 8th chapter of Isaiah: "You men must not say, 'A conspiracy!' respecting all that this people keep saying, 'A conspiracy!' and the object of their fear you men must not fear, nor must you tremble at." Jehovah of armies—he is the One you should revere, the One who should make you fearful, and the One who should make you shudder."

It's clear where this is heading. I continue to believe Mr. Trump was selected by God, and I'll stick by that remark. That doesn't mean Mr. Trump will redeem America; it just means God has given the American people more time to return to the creator. When these sinful persons come to power, they are harsh and nasty, and there are no rules. Voices proclaiming the truth will be repressed, there will be a narrative, you will march to a drumbeat (NWO) per-arranged by the ungodly elite, the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, you get the idea.... SRH.

There will be thrilling overtures and seldom unseen concessions. Capitalist nations, ignorant and decadent, will thrill at the prospect of collaborating in their own demise. They will jump at the opportunity to be friends again. We'll bash them with our clenched fist as soon as their guard is down." – Dimitry Z. Manuilsky, at a lecture to the Lenin School of Political Warfare in 1931. "The New World Order will include changes in: – the family: homosexual marriages will be legalized; parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will;) all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be 'homemakers'; divorce will become exceedingly easy and monogamous marriage will be gradually phased out; – the workplace: the government will become the owner of all of the factors of production.

The New World Order is a diabolical plan created by the financial elite in order to destroy the national sovereignty of the governments of the world through economic blackmail, and world conflict with the goal of enslaving humankind in a One World Fascist Dictatorship/Government.
The agents of the New World Order have successfully taken control of the world’s financial system. Our politicians have made it “legal” for the private banking corporations to control our money supply, stock market and ultimately our destiny. A famous quote “Money is the root of all evil” is fitting, but a better understanding comes when you ask the question “What is the root of all money?” The private banking corporations control the printing press and print money for the cost of paper (usury) and use it to enslave the nations and people of the world in debt.

Our governments have become totally insolvent or bankrupt through the creation of this debt slavery. Our governments are now maxing out the NWO credit line to keep the game going. We, the people of the world, are the only resources keeping the system alive as we are deceitfully sold into slavery at birth to the financial market as property of the state. Our productive capacity or labor via the Income Tax is used as collateral for this debt slavery. Matrix-esque, don’t you think?


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