Watchman: Pfizer Recently Paid $43 Billion for a Cancer Treatment Business. Create the Problem, Then Propose a Cure, Its a Satan Soldier (Bill Gates and His Medical Renegades) Dream Come True!

Satan Soldiers aka Medical Renegades Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said the company will be able to deliver Seagen’s cancer therapy to the world "at a scale that has not been seen before" with its $43 billion acquisition. Seagen is a leading developer of medicine called antibody-drug conjugates, which are designed to directly kill cancer cells and spare healthy ones. Bourla called ADCs "one of the greatest technologies to battle cancer" and likened them to mRNA for vaccines. HNewsWire: Western society, which is based on Darwinian evolutionary biology, utterly disregards the spirit aspect and concentrates solely on our earth's physical parts. The academic system that views the universe in this way, excluding God and our own spiritual lives, is referred to as "science," which is merely a modern-day kind of worship. Because relatively little of what we learn throughout our lives...

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