Its Going To Get Worse, We Are Witnessing Biblical Prophecy In Real-Time

UP-DATE: Coronavirus infections EXPLODE in South Korea as spread accelerates across Iran, Lebanon, and Israel… Confirmed infections have now spread to Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Belgium, Finland, Cambodia, Spain, and Sri Lanka, among other nations. Although the numbers from those nations are currently small, they will, of course, explode as additional testing identifies more people who are already infected. (Remember, “official” numbers don’t count people who haven’t yet been tested.) Literally overnight, CoVid-19 coronavirus infections doubled in South Korea to 204, representing an alarming explosion of human-to-human transmission outside of China and indicating that China was just the first wave of an accelerating global pandemic. (See for focused updates, podcasts, videos and science documents.) With the number of non-China infections more than doubling in the last week, we are now seeing exponential growth in infection numbers across Asia, even as China is desperately manipulating its…


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