Watchman Show’s The Worst Fake News: Google and the Cost of ‘Data Voids’ During a Plandemic

Was a Nazi slogan brandished at a Reopen Illinois rally? The answer depends on what you search, and when you search for it. HNewsWire: ACROSS THE NATION, protesters have taken to the street, demanding that governors “reopen” state economies. From North Carolina to Maryland, Pennsylvania to Illinois, Americans want the opportunity to work, and some feel that state restrictions have encroached on their civil liberties. While the basic right to work is not something that would usually seem polarizing, many epidemiologists, infectious disease experts, and politicians argue that opening the economy too early is a public-health risk. As rallies spread from state to state, they have come to embody the deep political rifts seemingly entrenched in American society. Amidst the crowds fly “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, and many who refuse to wear masks proudly wear MAGA hats. The Southern Poverty Law Center has warned that…

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Fox News, The Highbred CNN Network for Conservatives Is Now Censoring Their Audience

From the Violence of Portland, Folks this fight is going to get ugly, and anyone that thinks Fox News is a conservative network also believes in the tooth fairy, get real, do the research on Rupert Murdoch children, they are flaming liberals, and they control the network now, I have a hard time believing Conservatives/Christians still get their news from Fox, you’re better off watching MSLSD, CNN, or the Disney Channel, take your pick…. Fox News Think the American People Are Stupid… Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by 12 points nationwide, according to a Fox News poll that oversampled Democrats, black voters, and has margins of error as high as 8.5% for certain subgroups. Fox Suddenly Cuts Away From White House Press Briefing After Portland Violence Shown ,There are Extremely Good at Hiding the Truth Fox News abruptly cut away from Friday’s White……...

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