Soros-Funded Southern Baptist Leaders Now Calling For Donald Trump’s Impeachment, Conviction

George Soros Is One of Satan’s Servants, the Soft Christian Denominations Have Submitted to the New World Order, One World Religion Death March–SRH… Soros-Funded Southern Baptist Leaders Now Calling For Donald Trump’s Impeachment, Conviction Posted by Jeff Maples Last week, the Evangelical blogosphere made waves after the far-left George Soros-funded Evangelical publication, Christianity Today ran a hit piece calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment over moral issues. In the wake of this dumbfoundingly stupid piece by Mark Galli, the magazine’s chief editor, Evangelicals began jumping on the bandwagon of impeachment lining up behind Nancy Pelosi — arguably the most immoral politician in modern history — to impeach Trump for his “immorality.” Since then, even more, have jumped on the bandwagon and now, a leader of the most influential Southern Baptist organization in history is calling for Trump’s conviction. Paul D. Miller is…

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The Southern Baptist Convention, Sexual Abuse Allegations, #MeToo, and Future Accountability

SBC Sexual Abuse Allegations

Yesterday evening, a meteorite may have demolished the pristine sanctuaries of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) churches across the globe. The once venerable hierarchy of Protestant Denominationalism in America is scurrying feverishly to recover from the latest shock wave. Did somebody say, “#MeToo strikes again?” So, what was that bright flash of light? Over the last 20 years, investigative reports reveal, there have been at least 700 sexual abuse victims in SBC churches across America. There’s little doubt among the devout: Our HOLY GOD is grieved and angry. He has witnessed but not ignored these crimes, and is now on the move, actively purging the adultery, sin, and abuse within the Bride of Christ—His Church! All Christians should walk toward this new Light. Why? Exposure has always led to reformation throughout the 2000-year-history of Christianity. We remember Martin Luther—the founder of…

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