Watchman: America is in Real Trouble; FBI Ready to Use “Deadly Force” During the Mar-A-Lago Raid; They Want Him Dead.Tribulation in Real Time

By SRH, According to just released documents obtained by journalist Julie Kelly, the FBI gave the go-ahead for deadly force during its guns-drawn, pre-dawn assault on Mar-a-Lago. “Deadly force may be used by Department of Justice law enforcement officers when necessary,” the agreement said. According to Newsweek, the raiders were told to pack “standard issue weapons, ammo, handcuffs, and medium- and large-sized bolt cutters” and to wear unmarked polo or collared shirts. The former president’s motion in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida challenges the legality of the FBI‘s raid, in addition to the Special Counsel’s Office allegedly violating his attorney-client privilege. An “operations order” of the 9 a.m. raid that was produced in discovery contained a “policy statement” regarding the “use of deadly force,” which said in part: “Law enforcement officers of the Department of……...

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Watchman Cautions That Democrats Are Advocating for the Death of Donald Trump

By SRH, WE ARE IN A CIVIL WAR BUT WE ARE NOT FIGHTING BACK… Retired Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that Democratic authorities want former President Donald Trump murdered by removing his Secret Service protection.Last Monday, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) presented legislation to remove Secret Service protection for those convicted of felony or state crimes. The congressman proposed that if proven guilty in four cases, a “former president” might lose their protection. However, Mr. Dershowitz, a former constitutional law professor and criminal defense attorney, stated in an interview with Newsmax over the weekend that Mr. Thompson’s legislation is “ridiculous” and “means they want him killed because he’s obviously a target.” This is a whole new level of depravity from the Democrats, who are controlled and operated by globalists. I recall Tucker Carlson interviewing a woman who had fled Communist…


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